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Young City used car transaction fees increase
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"Beginning this week, the second-hand car market transaction costs from the previous 50 / vehicles, increased to assess the fee or 0.8% of normal turnover." Recently, a second-hand car dealers to reporters rebellion. Market transaction costs increase based on that? Second-hand car market will be affected? Launched an investigation this reporter.

Dealers rebellion -

Used car transaction costs rose more than ten times

Received a rebellion, this reporter went to Yang, a second-hand car east area market. This reporter saw thousands of square meters of area inside the second-hand automobile market and stopped over a wide variety of used cars.

Market headed for a business, told reporters, used car trade transfer market when the need for invoices issued in the past to the market each billing generally pay the cost of 50 yuan, and May 23, suddenly received a management party notice, requiring from 24 increase from the fees, according to assess the price or 0.8% of the normal transaction fee. Business operators to reporters calculations, the current top-selling used cars in Yangzhou prices generally in less than seven million or so, according to the 0.8% charge, transaction fees 560-640 million, "compared with the previous 50 yuan, about the rose more than a dozen times. "

According to reports, business tenants, brokers used car market transactions, they start with the acquisition of the seller hands over

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