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Is your meeting choose and buy secondhand car?
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Its master before brand can be made more or less on body of a two handcart, primary vehicle advocate drive the performance that the habit can affect its each aspect, and the skill that renovates nowadays is very excellent, even beware of buys accident car, choose two handcart unlike to choose new car so so simple, if party does not understand a car, the person that a know the business had better take when choosing a vehicle goes be being helped guard a pass, perhaps hurry start to prepare at the last moment, "Evil fill " the skill of this respect.

   One, in " look " fluctuation kongfu

This " look " the word but many, want to look from the exterior first: See each place color first same, window all around, the corner of the not easy observation such as vent-pipe has redundant painting, if have, this car may be face-lifting car. Brim of the headlight before looking again, hind taillight brim has without bump a trace, because this position is cushy,be bumped into. Open engine cover, trunk early or late next, examine have be repaired without paint or the place of paint excessive, if have, prove the car has undertaken new spray. Actually car should not pass big collision only, small blow small loiter repair do not affect safety performance, if produced big collision, bring about automobile body to be out of shape, tigidity becomes poor, can affect security directly. Additionally automobile body is out of shape and suspension is out of shape the stability that also can affect travel and comfortable sex, affect security then. Automobile body and suspension are out of shape, normally Everyman looks not to come out, had better look for a friend that has maintenance experience and you to see a car together, try together drive.

Additional, inspect tire even. Those who examine tire wear away degree, if very inhomogenous (two side or among wear away serious) , very possible the officer of suspension need air of this car and four-wheel fixed position, need to repair even.

   2, in " listen " fluctuation kongfu

Can knock automobile body with the hand, if sound is more ringing, it is very normal to explain, if sound hair is frowsty, likelihood this car has filled be bored with child. Start a car next, hear the voice of engine, even, whether to have knock sound or Ka Da reputation, shake additionally wait a moment whether badly. Even place is cheered, the voice change that feels engine is even, maintain accelerator to be not moved in different position at the same time, see engine rotate speed smooth.

   3, be in " with " fluctuation kongfu

No matter buy new car,still be two handcart, need to try personally it is good to draw talent one time make conclusions. The attention should observe before drive whether appearance indicator light is in good condition, whether does position of steering wheel, seat make a person comfortable. Brake should check to whether have a problem in car actuate, steering wheel is right. Experience the automobile body in travel on flat road surface even additionally whether rock, whether sideslip. Try bumpy road surface chooses even in driving a process, experience chassis system, especially suspension does not have abnormal knocking from time to tome in bank crossing channel, next vibration on automobile body are even. Still can pass what experience accelerator quickly point-blank to answer speed, and quicken smooth.
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