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300C still runs quickly in Beijing production
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300C still is in Kelaisile at present Beijing runs quickly production.

Kelaisile refutes a rumor

Platinic acute still also runs quickly in Beijing manufacturing Beijing runs quickly say meeting choice opportunity is exited smoothly

Report from our correspondent (reporter Wang Canbin) partial media coverage said a few days ago " Kelaisile already exited Beijing to run quickly - Daimulekelaisile car limited company " (, relevant report caused media to Kelaisile two models are in 300C and platinic acute of Chinese development direction ask ask with all possible means. Kelaisile company last week outgiving, the form that BBDC will still continue to be permitted with the technology produces Kelaisile for Kelaisile in China 300C and platinic acute two models.

Issue statement in Kelaisile almost while, BBDC president Xu and friendship are accepted when interviewing, emphasize again, at present 300C and platinic acute still will continue to run quickly in Beijing production, beijing runs quickly can drop in sales volume of these two cars a certain quantity of when the time with right choice is exited smoothly.

Be in this year China sales volume adds one times

Be in as first China the international car company of investment, kelaisile is in early 1984 with Beijing automobile group (the following abbreviation " boreal steam " ) joint-stock established limited company of Beijing jeep car (the following abbreviation " Beijing jeep " ) , jeep brand car is produced in Beijing. After Daimule and Kelaisile are amalgamative 1998, kelaisile is in China business is recombined stage by stage. 2005, kelaisile delimits his in the total equity of Beijing jeep turn at be being called at present " wear Mu to force a company " and " wear Mu to strap northeast inferior limited company " the under one's name that waits for an enterprise, wear Mu to strap northeast inferior limited company is the wholy-owned subsidiary that wears Mu to force a company. After afore-mentioned equity make over an end, wear Mu to strap company and Daimuledong north inferior the capital that limited company brought boreal steam to increase pair of Beijing jeep is devoted, it is joint ventures rechristen BBDC. Boreal steam and afore-mentioned equity that the unit takes 50 % each in BBDC related Daimule, this equity concern continues all the time since 2005 up to now. Equity is made over after finishing, kelaisile and BBDC signed a technology to permit an agreement, permissive BBDC is produced in China and sell Kelaisile brand product. Here the agreement falls, homebred Kelaisile 300C appeared on the market formally in November 2006, after this is homebred platinic acute of the Sile that overcome Lai also appeared on the market in March 2008.
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