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Show two handcart market trades continuously " dead acupuncture point "
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In the light of at present two handcart trade in the phenomenon of random invoice, this " detailed rules " clear already also, when distribute enterprise sells two handcart and sale business to auction two handcart, the two handcart that ought to open tax authority supervise the manufacture of to buyer by the regulation sell unified bill, must not be two handcart direct negotiant, secondhand car manager orgnaization opens afore-mentioned bill. To violating the enterprise of interest of obtain of compasses make out an invoice, will investigate lawfully by section of city state tax, trade of management department of public security transportation, classics and industry trading company politics management department, will trade to two handcart respectively the behavior such as the change the name of owner in a register of car native place that happen carries out supervisory management, in order to uphold market order, protective consumer closes right increase.

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