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Show two handcart market trades continuously " dead acupuncture point "
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Random invoice of report from our correspondent, without fixed management place... afore-mentioned ever was in the our city forbids incessant appearance repeatedly in two handcart buying and selling, hopeful gets effecting a radical cure thoroughly since this month. The reporter understood from bureau of city state tax yesterday, our city " two hand wagon flow connect management to carry out detailed rules " rise to apply formally already this month. As city first two hand wagon flow tell this class management implements measure, this " detailed rules " standard of the management principal part that stipulated two handcart trade clearly, behavior and supervise with management, show two handcart of our city trade continuously " dead acupuncture point " , hopeful change is current two handcart of whole town trade the current situation that the disorder does not have foreword.

"Trade non-standard the profit that hurt consumer not only, the health that also affected two handcart market develops in order. " according to fine promote two handcart of city to trade Xu Zhiwei of market vise general manager introduces, at present our city every the year's harvest hands in two handcart to make an appointment with 40 thousand, the management main body that pursues two handcart trade technically shares 165 (the) of company of two handcart displacement that does not include a car to sell a company to set. Among them this city class has 96, garrison fine promote two handcart of city to trade of the market have 77, whole town especially the two handcart market of this city class already became dimensions gradually.

But, as a result of long-term since management is short of break, two handcart of our city trade all the time cannot can depend on, without Zhang Ke abide, current channel is confused, curbstone ban repeatedly incessant, acting invoice, ox is rampant already became common phenomenon, individual smuggling car, pilfer grabs a car, spell outfit car, discard as useless the car also takes the advantage of chaos to flow into the market, concussion, disturbed whole town especially the two handcart of this city class manage order. The personage inside course of study expresses, at present not only the legal interest of two handcart purchaser cannot get safeguard, individual and secondhand the random invoice of car distribute enterprise escape duty to expend behavior, also make national revenue serious prediction of a person's luck in a given year.

For this, this " detailed rules " specific provision, will be in the business that door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry registers lawfully only henceforth, ability is engaged in two handcart distribute or hold two handcart to trade the market and broker orgnaization. When enterprise of two handcart distribute sells two handcart, the use that ought to offer car to buyer, repair, accident, examine and whether to deal with guaranty to register, pay tax cost, discard as useless period wait for true condition and information, quality assures to reach after service acceptance, running a place even fair show. Two handcart trade must sign the contract that by seat department of industrial and commercial administration makes. Two handcart trade after finishing, the bargainor ought to offer car name brand and the car such as the card that register, travel card, insurance policy in time to buyer legal proof and proof. Two handcart trade the market also must not trade car of book of blame this locality.
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