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The Olympic Games serves a car: Two handcart agency the keep an enterprise going
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After the Olympic Games, service of many Olympic Games begins to swarm into the market from different channel with the car, above all nature is to suffer an Olympic Games to pound the biggest Beijing market. August the big setting of two handcart keep an enterprise going by painstaking effort falls, the Olympic Games is relevant it may not be a bad idea of brand car dealer, it may not be a bad idea of two handcart agency, wandering before huge commercial increase. Face the two handcart business chance that this the Olympic Games poses, two handcart agency each pace chess appears unusually careful.

The Olympic Games swarms into the market in great quantities with the car

On August 17, in market of Beijing Ya Yun Cun two handcart sell area, 3 Olympic Gameses use wind of cup of the Gl8 that fasten a gram, gold, luck business affairs uses car amount 130 cars are auctioned by collective. According to introducing, this batch of cars are the Olympic Games Organizing Committee in entrusting, ambitious prosperous car serves a company to be purchased centrally before the Olympic Games, basically use at waiting for reporter of each district media, relevant administrator, government organization to offer the special car that logistics serves.

On September 6, beijing beautiful country is secondhand car market, agency of a two handcart exhibits hall inside and outside, park a large number of sticking the Olympic Games marks with the car the Ming Rui car of superior license plate. Introduce according to agency of this two handcart, this batch of cars use a car for Olympic Games service, travel course of development is in 6000 kilometers of 5000 kilometers ~ , package list price is 128 thousand yuan, add up to 50. To car origin, agency of this two handcart avoid talking.

On September 10, south salesroom of steam of vasting north of the beauty inside city of the car austral 4 annulus Beijing, 50 Olympic Gameses that deploy Beijing to hand in tubal bureau nucleus to send are special a Pasate of paragraph of Pq license plate the 1.8t that lead drive is automatic and luxurious model undertake auctioning with be being controlled 30 thousand yuan under market price. According to introducing, this batch of Pasate get time of the card on drive only 3 months left and right sides, and already pay purchases duty and insurance, enjoy Shanghai masses 2 years or 60 thousand kilometer keeps commitment character.

Before distributing news dispatches up to the reporter, dealer of two handcart market sends Beijing beautiful country short message, the Ao Di A6 that will have 235 2.0t in beautiful country two handcart market undertakes auctioning, price is sent since preliminary it is 350 thousand yuan surely.

Keep an enterprise going by painstaking effort of two handcart agency

It is the Olympic Games swarms into the market in great quantities with the car on one hand, was August however on the other hand the keep an enterprise going by painstaking effort of two handcart agency.
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