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Require 4 action only: Teach you accurate judgement car wears away
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A friend is in guarantee period a week after passing, accumulator is bad, have no alternative can oneself draw out money to change it, spent many " silver " , it is very " the flesh is painful " . Driving trouble appears even if such, everything is good when having safeguard, but guarantee period pass, what issue came, want to prevent these, still had better be oneself learn a few trick, often check, discover a problem as early as possible.

Weather high temperature is fuggy recently, feeling letting a person is very sick, love car also is in pettish. So, how does season undertake maintaining hand and foot to loving a car in this, it is the homework that a need treats seriously really. Before car maintains, want first

 Be familiar with the wear out condition that loves a car. Teach you to look to love car than feeling 4 action through looking now " ill " .

1. Look. Observe tire carefully wear away degree, compare grain of embryo of tire of the left and right sides, around to whether appear unilateral wears away, because bumpy road surface is caused,this often is, can pass four-wheel fixed position detects. Additional, the attention is cleared the eyewinker that is placed in tire decorative pattern, undertake tire conversion when necessary or measure dynamic balancing.

2. Than. The examination of engine engine oil and cistern cooling fluid needs contrast to give the whack before travel. How many when judge engine oil quantity should read the fluid face place that takes oil dip rod to go up to go. In engine indoor have a transparent cooling fluid pot, how many what should observe fluid face discretion can know cooling fluid only. Need an examination likewise still have accumulator electrolyte. Can understand electrolyte to whether be short of through accumulator lateral scale break.

Above the accretion of these oil, fluid is OK oneself start work undertake, but add engine oil must careful, what appoint strictly according to manufacturer is progressional; Cooling fluid also ought to be designation antifreeze; Batteries electrolyte must be distilled water.

3. Feel. If step on brake from time to tome metallic scream, be about to consider undercarriage of Buddhist templeput on the brakes to whether be worn away. Park the car firm flameout to pull begin stop, hollow out place is encircled in tire steel, point to with the hand fore-and-aft feel, whether does the feeling have groove. If have, answer to stand in time to examine brake system in the round to maintenance.

4. Wipe. Face of lacquer of microscope automobile body. Oily to already showing the automobile body of priming paint to be able to wipe a few fingernail first, prevent to corrode rusty. This job is cleaning car hind to undertake thoroughly.

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