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See action tear open action, two handcart trade trap
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Come from 2000 2007, 7 years short between, two handcart trade the quantity increases 2.6 million from 252 thousand. Occupy statistical number to show, two handcart and scale of new workshop sale achieved 0.8:1 last year. And the expert inside car line of business is forecasted, this scale will realize 1:1 2008. But quality of staff of two handcart market is uneven, trade opaque wait for an element to perplexing consumer at the same time, for this, this period enumerate trades in market of a few two handcart blind area, take your steer clear of a variety of trap that two handcart trade.

Trap 1

The bargainor conceals practical car besides

Mr Liu is about to buy a Fu Kang in old car market, although beforehand already was informed car course to change one's costume or dress, but still spent 65 thousand yuan to buy car, but because car changes his costume or dress,after money sum pays the accused knows to cause leave factory with car technical parameter nots agree with cannot change the name of owner in a register.

[stick person] change one's costume or dress the model should increase car risk

The proposal does not buy the car that big range has changed his costume or dress, change his costume or dress by oneself car is caused leave factory with car technical parameter nots agree with is cannot of change the name of owner in a register. Additional, the hidden danger of car existence safety that waits to alter greatly through engine and gear-box, and add the configuration of outfit to be absent primary insurance limits, buyer must look for insurance company to undertake to adding the configuration of outfit value is evaluated, next additional go up danger.

Trap 2

In order to coach valence is depreciation standard

The 1.8l automatic Aldine that Mr Li bought to left factory 2004 with 100 thousand yuan is secondhand treasure comes, after can be being bought, before long ability discovers, new treasure comes to what have 20 thousand yuan in the market to yield benefit, the sell member of 4s inn tells Mr Li, according to 4 years of allowance for depreciation, this two handcart have new car market price only one hundred and thirty-one thousand eight hundred yuan 60% the left and right sides, be worth 80 thousand yuan or so only namely.

[stick person] it is depreciation with current market price fiducial

The real market value with new current car and situation of old car depreciation should understand before buying two handcart, some cars appear on the market relatively the government first coachs valence already had cash privilege, should be with market price when depreciation fiducial. Use two handcart of a year commonly, its price should purchase duty value than be the same as model new car to contain between low 10%-15% , old car is same press year of depreciation, even if a few years had not used also press same scale depreciation. Additional, the attention differs the configuration difference of year of paragraph model.
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