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63% increase in sales, Yangzhou automobile market contrarian up
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Yangzhou Reuters yesterday, reporters from the city to do the IRS informed car purchase, in April sold Yangzhou (illicit) Vehicles 5143, an increase of 63.43%, compared with March 4526 increased 13.63%. China Automotive Technology and Research Center, statistics show that car sales in the country in April to complete 1,388,700, growth of 9.8%, an increase of 40.02%. Yangzhou automobile market continued to maintain rapid growth, the growth rate higher than the national average of more than 20 percentage points.


April new car 5143

Into April, with strong sales of the end of the Spring Festival, the car manufacturers to increase inventory, discount rate is increased, the automobile market inflection point on the parties once again become the focus of debate. Official statistics show that continued to hit the national automobile market began to slow down. Compared with the national auto market, Yangzhou outstanding performance last month. The first 4 months of this year, the city sold a total of (illicit) Automotive 16,779, an increase of 50.8%.

Analysis of the industry because the rapid growth of the city car market that, in addition to the continued economic upturn, the International Trade Tourism Festival last month, replacing a number of buses during the concentration and the success of this newspaper car expo in the spring, pull the car directly consumption.

Automobile price war inevitable?

With the national auto market slowed, over price, promotion, news came again and again to Fun. Last month, a certain hot-selling car models set to shorten the waiting time, car price range is also increased, the change is behind the increase in inventories. Rare promotional earlier, began to frequent the official price. China Automobile Dealers Association, Luo Lei, Deputy Secretary-General said, and last year, despite the increase in the current automobile market stocks, but in a more normal level, the price war will not "imminent", but will be floating.

Yangzhou automobile market in April although the better performance of the country, but the outlook is not optimistic. Urban, director of marketing of a brand of 4S stores Wu that, to get rid of last year's "no car to sell," the embarrassment, the major car firms have more capacity this year, in order to occupy a larger market share, provide vehicles for consumers, "accelerated." However, with increased capacity, plus purchase tax preferential policies shrinking auto market after the Spring Festival has begun to shift from the fare increase, queuing to buy a car and so was gone, dealer inventory more "adequate", the original The "seller's market" has unwittingly become a "buyer's market." Car dealer sent from the pre-decorating, delivery service, delivery and insurance "kicked upstairs" to "drop out" of.

Wu introduced, the market is changing, if producers continue to blind production, the pursuit of sales, will lead to dealers as inventory and Bargain cars, and to preserve and increase the brand value and a negative impact on rates. From now situation, rising inventories, demand, market competition, there are indications that the various conditions auto market price war is taking shape, the price war will be inevitable.

Second-hand car market suffered the cold

Continued strong sales and new car different is that the recent cold snap hit used-car market in our city. Several reporters from the city learned motor vehicle market, a few months, used-car market has been in a state of non-blast does not fire once or even a decline in sales phenomenon, selling only the previous three percent or so. Not only did not fire, used car sales, prices continue to decline.

"Second-hand car too difficult, the proportion of investment and output seriously." Huang, owner of a used car, told reporters recently is planning to operate nearly 10 years of second-hand car company "dish" out. Since last July, the national implementation of the 1.6L small-displacement vehicle purchase tax reduction policy to stimulate the automobile market, auto market was quiet for a long time was quickly detonated Jiajiao new car sales in particular the new hot.

To Mr Wong, the price is too cheap used cars, mostly older models, the quality can not be guaranteed, but the price is too high and consumers will directly select a new car, so the used-car market in the price of 60 000 -8 million about the most popular. However, in the vehicle purchase tax reduction policy stimulus, the manufacturers have been pushing the price range of 10 yuan Jia Jiao, a direct result of poor sales used cars.

Meanwhile, nearly two years, increase in the number of Yangzhou used car business, market competition, the profits of used cars is gradually falling. Mr. Huang introduced a sixty-seven million before selling used cars to earn several thousand dollars profit, and now as long as the thousand dollars they will sell.

The industry believes that the recent downturn in used car transactions, lower prices, for the intention to buy used cars for consumers, but added a good chance.

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