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Young City used car transaction fees increase
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"Beginning this week, the second-hand car market transaction costs from the previous 50 / vehicles, increased to assess the fee or 0.8% of normal turnover." Recently, a second-hand car dealers to reporters rebellion. Market transaction costs increase based on that? Second-hand car market will be affected? Launched an investigation this reporter.

Dealers rebellion -

Used car transaction costs rose more than ten times

Received a rebellion, this reporter went to Yang, a second-hand car east area market. This reporter saw thousands of square meters of area inside the second-hand automobile market and stopped over a wide variety of used cars.

Market headed for a business, told reporters, used car trade transfer market when the need for invoices issued in the past to the market each billing generally pay the cost of 50 yuan, and May 23, suddenly received a management party notice, requiring from 24 increase from the fees, according to assess the price or 0.8% of the normal transaction fee. Business operators to reporters calculations, the current top-selling used cars in Yangzhou prices generally in less than seven million or so, according to the 0.8% charge, transaction fees 560-640 million, "compared with the previous 50 yuan, about the rose more than a dozen times. "

According to reports, business tenants, brokers used car market transactions, they start with the acquisition of the seller hands over the car and then sold to buyers. For business users, the sale of used cars need "one into a" transaction twice, transaction costs account for a large proportion of the cost of used cars, according to the new standard transaction fees, a used car to increase the cost of 1,000 yuan. Business operators say the market downturn in the used car background, how much to sell a car are not supposed to earn money, now add transaction fees received, they can not accept.

Price sector -

Increase transaction costs are not illegal

Why do transaction costs to rise, up a basis for that?

Municipal Price Bureau toll charges at the person in charge of Wang Ruiqing used car, this year in January, the Provincial Price Bureau issued "on regulating the collection of fees to promote the orderly development of the old motor vehicle market transactions," the notice of the used car transaction costs made new requirements. Transaction costs are a result of operational and service charges, the implementation of government guidance or regulated by the market, the higher the price provided by the local authorities according to market development, competition identified. In accordance with the spirit of the provincial bureau, the city issued regulations in March, Yangzhou transaction fees within the range of the Shengdingbiaozhun - no more than assess the amount or the amount of 1% of normal trading, "market's 0.8% fee is legitimate The. "

It is understood, Yangzhou currently 9 used car market, the current prevalence of unscrupulous competition for market users, reduce the charges, disorderly competition and other acts of unfair competition. Sustainable development to combat this phenomenon, last week, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Trade and Industry Bureau, Public Security, the IRS, the Inland Revenue Department, Price and other multi-sectoral, co-sponsored special action used-car market, from May 19 until 6 mid-January, the city used car market rectification, second-hand automobile business services from the main specification, transactions, service behavior, security and other aspects of security conditions, health management build used-car market order and promoting the health of the city used-car market development.

"In addition to market management, the market must also install video surveillance and information systems, which require a lot of money, so the fees must be increased transaction costs." Yangzhou city motor vehicle market leader, told reporters in that.

Automobile market forecasts -

Second-hand car prices or market trends

"This year especially difficult since the used car business, sales have fallen sharply." Twelve Used market dealers Wang told reporters, used car sales drop in new car prices and the recent promotions, national deposit reserve rate, oil price increases, weather is getting hot and other related factors. Among them, the greatest impact new car prices, because lower new car prices, used car will be a lot of the original concerns of consumers attracted attention in the past, "especially those concerned with the newer second-hand cars to consumers, the original is because of price And consider buying a used car. When new car prices have fallen, the gap with second-hand car prices, they naturally tend to a new car. "" surge in transaction costs, will directly lead to second-hand car prices rise times of adversity. "Mr. Wang believes that The current used car low profits, transaction costs increase are only passed on to consumers eventually, improve the trading price of used cars; and transaction prices, will likely lead to second-hand car market in the doldrums right now.


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