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Xiamen will be carried out in the round " contract of two handcart business " de
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For city of farther normative Xiamen two handcart market manages order, protect two handcart to trade bilateral and legitimate rights and interests, xiamen city industrial and commercial bureau will push exercise to use in the round since October 8 " contract of two handcart business " (demonstrative text) . The situation that market of before this will end this two handcart trades to be able to be depended on without normative contract. As we have learned, this treaty wording connects association to be printed jointly by city industrial and commercial bureau and city steam wagon flow, current association unites city car extend. The place in the contract weighs two handcart, it is to point to from handle the car that registers the formalities that register to arrive at a country to discard as useless compulsively to do business before the standard and transfer ownership (include car of carry cargo of tricar, low speed, namely former agricultural carriage car) , trailer and autocycle.

" contract of two handcart business " (demonstrative text) one type 2 couplet, trade both sides holds one couplet each, two handcart trade photocopy of the keep when the market opens two handcart to sell unified bill. Two handcart trade market open unit should market directly for two handcart both sides offers this contract, the unit wants to arrange signed contract file related each, trade with other along with all the others archives reservation, deadline not less than 3 years.

To using the unit of demonstrative text in the round, will serve as " 2007? City of 2008 year Xiamen defends a contract to weigh credit company " maintain one of postulate that reach industry credit assess, in maintain " defend a contract to weigh credit company " and first consideration gives when recommending a yearly check to exempt careful company; To unused unit, will not maintain henceforth for " defend a contract to weigh credit company " recommend a target with what the yearly check exempts careful company. To having those who use act of rights and interests of consumer of enroach on of pattern contract provision, door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry will undertake investigating by concerned law.

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