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North shows drive circle in the air prices of two handcart transaction buys lowe
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Beijing's contemporary and subordinate intermediate car -- SONATA drive circle in the air since appearing on the market oneself, still move the appearance of feeling and higher sexual price to compare the attention that drew many customer by right of meantime. The reporter understood recently, brand-new 08 SONATA drive circle in the air will this year the end of the year is rolled out formally, and of this new car appear on the market to also will increase drive further circle in the air the market competition ability of the model. In new car be about to while, also many consumer put the view in old money drive circle in the air on the body. So, at present old money drive circle in the air is the market transaction prices of two handcart how?

For the consumer that purchases two handcart to the choice, can be directly newer car in the money that buy a car economic purchase duty and on the card is expended about 14 thousand -- 19 thousand yuan of right-and-left charge, and two handcart still meet the part to contain value become along with the car 100 or royalities of boat of cost of on 1000 yuan maintain a road, car and insurance are waited a moment. With former new car directive price is one hundred and sixty-five thousand eight hundred yuan, go up at was being registered 2007 the drive of the card circle in the air the hand is moved block comfortable model for exemple, at present the sale price to this two handcart is in company of old car broker 138 thousand yuan or so, consumer buys a such two handcart photograph relatively acquire the cost that forty-one thousand eight hundred yuan of above can save directly new car.

According to inn of Beijing contemporary 4S the salesperson expresses, buy SONATA drive at present circle in the air model besides highest and OK outside getting 18 thousand yuan cash privilege, still can get a few simple cars are decorated. The salesperson still discloses, during be being met as a result of the Olympic Games, beijing is contemporary reduced model platoon to produce, car source is at present so more nervous, partial model needs to book, order car cycle to be controlled for 1 week.

SONATA drive circle in the air the engine of equipment, it is to result from the 3rd acting Theta of contemporary car lists 4 crocks of engine continuously, provided CVVT system (successive and alterable valve when systematic) , no matter be in,fuel economy respect had striking progress, discharge can satisfy Europe Ⅳ standard. Drive circle in the air gear-box is before the name is H-MATIC4 fast hand from transmission of an organic whole, be aware of the concussion that is less than shift gears.
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