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Share of market of Shanghai car danger glides competition is increasingly intens
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According to statistic of consortium of Shanghai insurance a person of same business, this year 1 to Feburary, income of insurance cost of Shanghai car danger 1.259 billion yuan, grow 12% compared to the same period, occupy 42.7% what produce income of danger total insurance cost, than 10 percent falling below last year. And from the point of countrywide market, car danger is occupied than be in 70% the left and right sides.

New company grabs the market

Although of Shanghai car danger occupy drop than be in, but market competition heals however beneficial is intense.

2007, shanghai adds 6 cars danger newly to manage principal part, include a foreign capital to produce risk company among them. Statistic shows, the principal part of competition of 6 cars danger that adds newly, before income of car risk business added up to in Feburary 106 million yuan, market share is 8.42% . Because partial husband department has those who greet New Year " consuetudinary " , take the partial business by last year to this year to appear in the newspaper, because this is new,the border of deal with concrete matters relating to work of car risk line of business of the company is occupied than may a few taller.

The person that the insurer business that basically runs car risk business drops has the power of grow in quantity, the day is installed, 7 companies such as China, Hua An the car risk business this year appeared the negative growth of certain level. Among them, business of risk of Hua An car the income of 2 months only more than yuan 80 thousand, drop compared to the same period 98% ; The car danger income with secure China also reduces nearly 40 million yuan compared to the same period. Apparent, car danger deficit already let produce risk company not less to be able to 't bear heavy burden, business transition extremely urgent.

Notable is, even if is the insurance company that stability of car danger insurance cost grows, also appear of market share glide. Person of old of danger of belongings of as above sea protected business of risk of money danger car to maintain of 9% add fast, but market share dropped however 0.8 percent. Investigate its reason is in Yu Guoshou is money danger, medium of the market new show such as silver-colored insurance grow quickly, the billabong on certain level channel business.

Compensate of car caustic danger pays rate rise

Since this year, indemnity of accumulative total of Shanghai car danger 770 million yuan, grow 53% compared to the same period, simple compensate Fu Lvda arrives 61.22% . Among them, commerce 3 duty danger and the simple compensate that make strong narrow pass pay rate it is respectively 52.72% , 47.04% . Car caustic danger becomes compensate to pay a focal point, 50% what hold total of car danger reparations about, simple compensate Fu Lvchao passes 70% .

Illicit home car is car caustic danger " heavy calamity " area, compensate pays amount frequency of small, be or get out of danger tall it is main feature. It is between insurance company strive for car risk business, undertake guarding a pass to business risk rarely, it is to bring about compensate to pay what rate house does not fall high advocate because of. Fu Zhongcun of compensate of car caustic danger is in very big moisture, partial insurance company is limitted in accident survey, loss, the manage compensate link such as upkeep costs is in charge of and do not accuse, cause business risk to rise.
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