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Two handcart industries of our country are on a brand to build the road of explo
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Owning mature brand also is the mark with a mature industry. Still lie as a result of two handcart industry in our country develop primary level, mature brand, old brand has not been formed almost. As the rapid development of the industry, brand construction has become more and more important. No matter be manufacturer or agency,begin to take seriously now, fumble the brand is built.

Car manufacturer especially level of two handcart business mixes the brand that joint-stock manufacturer owns maturity flow, but these how with Chinese market conform actually to still be worth to discuss. A few old cars sell a group to also begin to fumble the brand that builds oneself, use channel advantage to begin professional work. The broker company with bigger dimensions also the brand that itch to try establishs him. Foreign capital is secondhand car company also market of China of afflux of ground of in quick succession, what they should do above all is the brand oneself cry noisy in China. Consumer also begins to know and accept a brand two handcart, two handcart become purchase card to choose importantly. These enough explain, brand construction will make the big trend that two handcart industry grows.
■ brand construction is Chongzhongzhi is weighed

Current, the brand builds the attention that has aroused a lot of people. The brand that removes car manufacturer is secondhand outside the car, company of broker of a few two handcart, distribute company also hopes to be able to establish his brand, turn oneself company brand. When entering our country, company of a few two handcart also is taking their mature brand to come, they also hope to be able to develop their brand in China. Old car dealer hopes to appear with the form of the brand. Numerous businessman takes what the brand builds seriously, sufficient can see its value.

Two handcart belong to special commodity, it one car one besides, consumer is buying doubt of constant Chang Xincun, this one misgive can let consumer probably abandon buying two handcart, affect two handcart trade quantity. Consumer produces a of misgive main reason, it is two handcart brand changes development bad, agency asks to accomplish sincere letter without what change construction according to the brand.

Construction of two handcart brand is what the industry needs. In the Chen Xin of two handcart market tells couplet, the brand construction of two handcart needs joint efforts of two handcart enterprise, operator, want to raise brand consciousness, through perfecting those who raise service quality to increase a business is all sorts of services, famous degree, the sincere letter that can promote whole industry thereby is spent. If the brand is changed,manage can develop in entire industry, market of that two handcart will appear true blowout.

Consumer increases of consumptive consciousness ceaselessly, also the development that drive brand builds. Consumer is more and more rational, the meeting when buying two handcart pays attention to a brand more, the agency with brand good image can get consumer is approbated, this needs two handcart business to be able to have this brand. And the key that the stand or fall of the brand also is consumer preference, the trademark is well-known spend tall, sincere letter tall, of consumer approbate degree also promote subsequently, the odds that when buying a car, chooses also increases subsequently. Consumer is agency lives the crucial factor of development, want to attract customer, get consumer is approbated, make the brand do greatly strong be agency surely the road of classics.
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