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Two handcart car exhibits the brand dispute beautiful figure
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This on the weekend, eleventh Chengdu international car is exhibited be about to hold, besides car of car of a person of extraordinary powers, name, new car, two handcart also will be become this second exhibit the member of the meeting, two handcart business will assemble in Chengdu brand, first time whole reveals Chengdu the new form of two handcart market. Exhibiting two handcart there is no lack of high end and rare model -- , BMW, run quickly, the entrance car with Ao Di and scarce part is waited a moment, exhibit a car to will be compared with tall sex price with good car besides attract a car to confuse attention.

The reporter understands, attend this Chengdu brand of two handcart exhibition all is the automobile group that Chengdu has two handcart to run business greatly each, include believe spirit law, harbor among them grand car, these groups own store of numerous brand 4S below the banner, two handcart are managed board piece also attained certain scale, the standard of two handcart manages the brand and after service rudes new car.

As in recent years sales volume of Chengdu car city is annual jump with the amplitude fast of 20% long, a lot of cars entered together with replacement period, this created very big market vacuum to two handcart market. According to statistic, the Chengdu City is secondhand 2006 the car trades the quantity achieves many 80 thousand (second) , grew 10% above about 2007, was expected to realize 100 thousand 2008 (second) . So big market attracted business of car of a lot of brands to also begin sortie two handcart domain, believe, Xi Xing, 3 and, harbor grand, Shen Rong, found a state the car business such as the car rolled out a brand in succession two handcart, provide source of high grade car, excellent service, drove the standardization of two handcart market to manage, a batch of two handcart such as network of 2 degrees of cars serve trader also emerge as the times require, provide relevant service for two handcart buyers and sellers. More brands are secondhand of car business enter, make Chengdu secondhand car market is more normative, stimulated the further progress of two handcart market. The statistic that is in charge of according to believe essence shows, secondly year of increase rate of handcart sales volume in 40% above, outstrip the growth of new car sales volume greatly.

Two handcart business still has the brand of Chengdu a lot of pioneering works, believe spirit law rolled out first two handcart of countrywide to maintain guarantee manual, xi Xing is being counted early began to undertake activity of two handcart displacement waits the brand a moment before New Year, during this second car is exhibited, each are big the brand is secondhand car business will Chengdu of two handcart market brand-new figure is revealed before everybody, will draw the more person attention to two handcart.
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