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Brand of two handcart business changes Chengdu two handcart city be about to sud
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Last week 4, sichuan brand is secondhand car only appoint regular meeting of meeting first time is in unit of first spell director -- , believe spirit law is held, network of 2 degrees of believe spirit law, Xi Xing, cars, 3 with car, Shen Rong car, found a state the member unit delegate such as grand car is opposite car, harbor the development foreground of two handcart undertook the brand discuss.

The two handcart market of Chengdu ever was " the car is strung together string " unify the whole country, conceal the car condition, circumstance that drives up sale price and depress buy the price to happen from time to tome. And transfer as Chengdu the arrival of the climax, two handcart market also strode Chengdu forward the course that standardization, brand changes development. More and more Chengdu car dealer begin to extend two handcart business in a large-scale, include

Arrive from last year this year, believe spirit law, Xi Xing, 3 and, Shen Rong, found a state, harbor grand wait for car dealer to begin to extend two handcart business, formed a brand group of two handcart trade. Alleged brand is secondhand car business, not be to point to the two handcart business that runs single automobile brand only, point to however have evaluate, buy, a complete set of such as attestation, sale is secondhand the car trades link, can ensure a carry out is secondhand car quality, provide after service, the distributor that two handcart business changes development to the brand.

The personage inside course of study points out, as Chengdu two handcart trade the quantity is increased, and the progressively maturity of two handcart market, the brand of two handcart market changes development to be sure to make a trend.

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