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"Yellow sign car " enter two handcart markets of Hangzhou city in a large-scale
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Since October 1, the motor vehicle that always sticks mark of maize environmental protection (abbreviation " Huang Biao car " ) the river in will off-limits Hangzhou is worn high and go up the pond wears all fronts road high. As the drawing near of time limit of this one policy, hangzhou is not little " yellow sign car " car advocate begin to dispose of the car rapidly, large quantities of " yellow sign car " swarm into two handcart market, pass " ox " flow direction other place.

Large quantities of " yellow sign car " enter old car market

Last week, like to played cross-country Xiaoli to must open old Jeep to trade in Hangzhou city old car very reluctantly the market sells, turn and bought Lan Texin car of a Yi. "Jeep leaves rise each side is good still, but do not sell,be no good, because it is ' yellow sign car ' , it cannot go up to be worn high again since October 1, and I concern because of the job, often should go up trestle. " Xiaoli says very helplessly.

Although this car sold 12 thousand yuan finally, the price still calculates pretty good, but Xiaoli or very hate to part with: "This car accompanied me a lot of years, cross-country performance is good, engine still heavied repair before long before selling, did not think of to be repaired before long Hangzhou came on stage ' Huang Biao car ' be restricted administrative plan, if it were not for such, I won't sell for certain. I won't sell for certain..

With Xiaoli, the near future arrives pass on of old car market " Huang Biao car " car advocate many, among them more there is no lack of a few famous enterprise or business unit. As we have learned, because the officer's car of a lot of units also is " yellow sign car " , the near future also is seeking buyer through all sorts of channel in succession.

A controller of company of two handcart broker discloses, be in several days ago, he just took in from an unit two " Huang Biao car " , "One is the accept of carburettor mulberry tower of the card on 1998, one is the Pi Ka that Zhengzhou day produces. One is the Pi Ka that Zhengzhou day produces..

"A lot of people are a because of plan of administration of in the limit of car sell, especially the unit uses a car, the river in cannot going up is worn high, do start armed struggle come very troublesome, plan to trade new car so. " this chief says, private because,coming to those who sell a car also is mostly this reason, "An inconvenience goes out after be restricted to go, want or change a new car to go to the lavatory. Want or change a new car to go to the lavatory..

"Yellow sign car " enter town in a large-scale, also make Hangzhou city old motor vehicle trades inside the market a lot of more the car that sticking mark of maize environmental protection, go to be able to be found casually almost " yellow sign car " shadow, for instance the Fu Kang of old money, Sangdana, red flag, nimble is amounted to, entrance Buddhist nun minibus of the golden cup of elegant cabinet of imperial crown of Sang Gongjue, entrance, entrance and old money, Chang He, 5 water chestnut.
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