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Ready-made is not endured slaughter how to repair factory contact with with stea
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Ready-made is not endured slaughter how to repair factory contact with with steam

With contact with of factory of vehicle maintenance and repair the most satisfactory result is very fast foster cordial relations between states the car, and need not do poorly done work over again, worst result may be the experience that makes a person depressed, as eating Huang Lian acrid for a long time cannot drop off, a few very the car that play to hard luck majors the experience of the car is ordeal simply. Actually a lot of cars advocate what the part that did not realise they act often decides to build a car is good with bad.

The first, maintenance makes an appointment on phone and net not only can managing maintenance time and the feeling that has the first client. Make an appointment maintenance also is a kind of consumer consciousness of contemporary dimension authority.

The 2nd, sending before repairing, must have adjusted oneself state of mind above all, when loving a car to give trouble commonly, more or less the mood that can affect oneself, taking insalubrious mood to be able to affect your eye, all things are such, long car is more such. Calm, suitable its nature, unrestrained and far -ranging, sunshine is bright.

The 3rd, send before repairing, fundamental technical condition understands the car that must drive to oneself somewhat, the what brand fuel that adds for instance is oily (information, prices) , antifreeze of brand of what brand engine oil, what and oneself drive to wait with car exercise characteristic.

The 4th, when sending long car if be informed breakdown to cannot settle need that day,leave the car the plant, car advocate had better express guiding principle with the number of course of development when repairing a factory to enter car the plant together, benzine roughly the exterior circumstance of the position, car, spare wheel and tool undertake affirming, record, car advocate had better take away the valuable inside the car, lest produce issue. What should remind especially here is, a few in high-grade car is sending the password that radio cassette player reachs the key certainly before repairing to do a backup, cut off the power suddenly in maintaining a course in case cause a password to lose, if the password is missing,need to be recovered through manufacturer ability, its process is more troublesome.

The 5th, repair a factory to often be used in the process that build a car change a substitution method, in blame specialize in a station or be not engage by special arrangement to maintain a station, as a result of its fittings stores finite, encounter this kind of circumstance to use akin model component to replace. This kind of practice is not not OK, but write down easily mix or mutual attaint component. Sending so before repairing, must be opposite repair a factory special urge again and again.
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