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Two handcart city greets car city get warm again after a cold spell eventually "
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In all previous classics 78 months " cold city " later, two handcart market is greeted eventually " a meter of sunshine " . From in former years trade prices analysis, the gold that September is new car market not only breaks up a dot, to two handcart city, it is a relatively obvious turning point as much.

Sale busy season is spelling resource again

The reporter visits 100 couplet two handcart market and Zhongshan north road discover when two handcart city, right now person gas phase is compared 7, two months of 8 flourishing many. Distributors of many old car tells a reporter, the customer that the near future refers two handcart prices is absent a few, the car that is used at showing old car inside the market still appeared vacant phenomenon. More spots of many two handcart company stayed behind only 9 people are on duty, someone else does trade formalities is busy perhaps stop a car.

In new car market, often pass between agency " spell privilege, spell a service " will compete, and because two handcart market is reached buyers and sellers by subjective apiration the car of car itself besides the influence that waits for an element, the situation that often compares price spelling a car does not see more, instead more it is the channel that who compares arteries and veins of much, person is wide. Because of such two handcart Che Yuanxin ceases store the quantity is met much, model the choice room of many consumer is big, the probability that clinch a deal is natural also bigger.

The personage inside course of study is analysed, enter in September, car advocate people consumptive desire is able to release, the two handcart city of each district has the sign of get warm again after a cold spell. But also individual dealer is fond of care half. Although the near future is secondhand,car city presents a prosperity, but after finished product oil rose in price in June, the sale status of model of above of 2.5l platoon quantity all the time not lukewarm not fire, the part is secondhand car business reaction, there still is car of partial keep long in stock to was not digested in the hand.

New consumption tax affects cattle list price

Occupy piece surname ox discloses, new consumption tax makes the customer that buys the large model that discharge an amount be consumed ahead of schedule, and there is one part person to return in them not specified number of the card on hold is spent, the specified amount that takes a card every months to offer is spent finite make they change the view to two handcart city. Although the consumer place of this part holds proportion not big, but still produced certain effect to the price of blackmarket license plate. As we have learned, the price of license plate of near future blackmarket is common illicit car forehead spent prep above in August the auction wins the bid on average valence 1500-2000 yuan, achieve 38000-39000 yuan.
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