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Car city analyses: F6 develops Biyadi hit town of car of advanced business affai
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In advanced car all the time since the cosset that is market of business affairs car. In recent years, the development of advanced car in home explains: The person that get business affairs car, get the world. 2008, develop as the high speed of domestic car market, competition of market of business affairs car is even more intense also.

Nowadays, of the 8th acting elegant cabinet and Kaimeirui " open fight between factions " advanced car city is medium in already was being become it seems that most a scenery that offends an eye. Come from some kind of meaning say, what these two models contend for is current competition market of most intense car of traditional business affairs. Meanwhile, with Biyadi F6, stride vacate another when be a delegate jumped-up force to also begin take cities and seize territory. Compare especially

Inferior enlighten F6, as Biyadi the car marchs toward the strategic model of high-end domain this, essence of life allows fixed position business affairs drive, have his moment quickly in 2008 market of car of advanced business affairs.

Outstanding product performance

Reveal business affairs exalted

The modelling that attracts eyeball still is Biyadi's one's trump card. In draw lessons from model of sell like hot cakes -- on the foundation of F3 successful experience, biyadi F6 is bold the design nodding eyeball that inducts model of current international sell like hot cakes, at the same time compatriots of give attention to two or morethings precipitates thousands of years come down harmonious aesthetic view, make truckload modelling air exalted, line is fluent, have dye-in-the-wood business affairs style; Highlighted Xin Yage to use again on dimension " B " politic, norms approachs car of traditional C class, discharge with capacious around space, comfortable take feeling competency all sorts of business affairs demand.

The data shows, f6 has Biyadi to be configured with the gold of level car more than. Two kinds of platoons of embarking 2.0l and 2.4l are measured, contented hand is automatic two-way choice, the rear overhang before its hangs a structure, use advanced before the independent design of the many connecting rod after double transverse arm. Not only such, this is having the whole world the car of background of top class business is new army, the core concept that one of be linked together and international conform was taken on F6 body. F6 and Kelaisile in all the line produces a pattern. Decide fast cruise system, double area the high-tech that waits for these to before only luxurious name car just is had carries air conditioning of automatic constant temperature on the head grading buy, f6 everything needed is ready. Admirable drill charges function and dominant position of conspicuous science and technology, the requirement of internal business affairs that satisfied an user -- comfortable and convenient drive feeling and high-grade and creditable configuration.
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