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Olympic Games car enters card of PQ of two handcart market to lead drive with 21
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Olympic Games car enters card of PQ of two handcart market to lead drive with 213 thousand pat

Date: 08-09-23 origin: Sina car author: Read: 78 second

On September 21, north inferior inside the exhibition hall of Zhuo Jie travel of car city, held a break fresh ground contest of Olympic Games car buys an activity, attracted large quantities of person buy a car that come from countrywide each district. Can say, today's contest buys the site is to build up brand of Olympic Games car is most to reveal at present, get drive, Sikedaming except Pasate acute, fast vacate, outside the popular model such as the Gl8 that fasten a gram, Jiang Huairui wind, still have what see inaccessibly is high quality running quickly is train.

  Intimate contact China " the first gold "

Can see in the spot, large quantities of belts are worn mark of Olympic Games car and illuminative get drive, Ming Rui, fast vacate, the Gl8 that fasten a gram is spectacular. This batch of car all by company of service of ambitious prosperous car is offerred in Beijing, the autograph that this enterprise is Beijing Olympic Games makes an appointment with a car to serve trader. In Beijing of ambitious prosperous deputy always hope brave introduced this to approve experience of car Olympic Games to the public, run quickly from luxurious model S350 arrives average officer's car, had assumed the different job job in Olympic Games match respectively, some full-time are received send honoured guest, some the service at the athlete, have a plenty of media reporter special, mr Xiyong of limited company of service of ambitious prosperous car in Beijing still told about the service car that they offer ever with the Olympic Games " the first gold " the beautiful story that Chen Xiexia of weight lifting champion has had intimate contact.

   Contest buys atmosphere enthusiastic " Lu Zhi is deep " come round to sing the praises

After contest buys an activity to begin, price of face contrast new car is low the several contest of 10 thousand buy base price, the citizen that upsurges enthusiasticly increase price, whole process lasted nearly 7 hours, in succession many car is bought finally to succeed by contest, still have sale of a batch of prices fast vacate waited for brand car to also sign the contract that buy a car in the spot. Ever was in teleplay " Shui Hu is passed " in the car that acts Lu Zhi's deep well-known actress Zang Jinsheng to become the first to take key of Olympic Games car advocate.

  Bring Olympic Games number fast rise a sale hot than bottom of new car price 15 thousand

Stick on automobile body have color auspicious cloud mark, door still has Olympic Games badge to write down fast vacate a model to make the scene big popular. The standard that regards Olympic Games T2 as motorcade uses a car, only travel be less than 3000 kilometers, price one hundred and twenty-five thousand eight hundred, lower than same new car price 1. 50 thousand. And the means that those who use is price sale, the person that attracted a lot of choose and buys, many people that buy a car pull open what door experienced an athlete special personally to take experience. The Olympic Games that a person that buy a car says to he likes automobile body very much auspicious cloud mark, should withhold all the time go down, having bit of small regret exclusively is, this batch fast vacate cannot withhold Beijing Pq license plate, the wish that lets him collect complete set Olympic Games to label fails to reach.
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