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A3 of strange luck of car city intense competition whether contend with joint-st
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Advertisement conduct propaganda, depreciate sales promotion, new car appears on the market... as " Jin Jiuyin 10 " the arrival of traditional sale busy season, depressed the car manufacturer of large half an year contends for Xiang Liang to go out " one's trump card " , expect to be able to be in 9, in December somewhat behead is obtained. Own brand also unwillings to lag behind, roll out new car in succession, among them, should count strange luck A3 the most conspicuous. A3 model is strange luck conforms the delegate product of the 3rd acting home litter, luck be surprisinged expresses great expectations up and down.

"The life and death that A3 matters to strange luck lives or die " -- when Li Feng of general manager of the sale before strange luck car accepts media special report, ever expressed so. This word truly. Roll out A series from strange luck

Since, propagandist impetus is big and market gains is very little, its are located in a career surely small successful the A5 fixed position of the crowd does not have remarkable sales volume at the A1 of high-quality goods car, in respective fractionize the market can act compensatory part only. Common saying says " the thing does not pass 3 " , this A3 fixed position is in with beautiful 307 with Ford Fox is a delegate " the 3rd acting home litter " inside limits, those who aim at is own brand is the same as class car not only, move to Yue even, beautiful 307, the joint-stock brand model such as Ford Fox launchs a challenge.

Own brand should cry board with level joint-stock brand model, often use tall sex price to compare strategy. Strange luck A3 also is such, what A3 goes is course of high-quality goods configuration, 3 kinds of motivation configure mutual 1.8l, 2.0l and 1.8t, introduce strange luck the engine of own research and development. Technology of technology of suspension of much connecting rod, electronic steering gear, also be A3 add lustre to many. And the largest window is A3 equiped Esp (say the electron stabilizes a program again) . This program was covered not only prevent adopt dead brake system (Abs) control a system with traction (Tcs) two big functions, the sideslip trend that still can monitor car undertakes intervention actively. After assembling Esp, can promote drive a vehicle security greatly. Relative to character, such configuration still has certain competition ability in be the same as scale model.

Although A3 is carrying the honor of the 3rd acting home litter on the head, want to defy with joint-stock brand, but if be on the price,also draw close to joint-stock brand, that foreground nots allow hopeful. So, this rich play chess of strange luck A3 and joint-stock brand model should use the strategy of work along both lines more, that is in namely product quality can fall with premise of joint-stock brand opposed, again complementary with price temptation.

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