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Does new car depreciate is fist of volley masses interlink appetent He Wei?
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After the Olympic Games, car city begins new round fight closely. And in numerous manufacturer, masses of north and south made a central point again. Just stepping " Jin Jiuyin 10 " , the masses was started include new car, depreciate etc a series of inside " serial fist " . Get at present before running in August the one steam masses of car city, depreciate in new car highlight particularly on volley. So, masses of north and south are a series of act appetent Where is He Wei?

In fact, olympic Games sale shifts masses car Xiang Xingao to the confidence of Chinese market. Masses China Zhou Er gave the masses below the banner, Si Ke to amount to model of brand much money to champion of 15 Olympic Gameses, finish what abstruse operation sells to receive Guan Zhi to make. This are fair

Department announces at the same time: "The masses already to the battle sprint that seizes gold, the sale will be completed in Chinese market this year 1 million. The sale will be completed in Chinese market this year 1 million..

This is meant, in at present car city shifts to an earlier date " into the winter " below the circumstance, masses of north and south made a series of adjustment quickly in city of the car after the Olympic Games, oath force is protected this year 1 million targets.

According to introducing, one steam - the masses is at the beginning of September started " the victory develops gold, extremely fast action " , faced broad consumer to roll out what indulgence great gift wraps to be thankful pass on, highest privilege 18800 yuan. Among them, in the light of stride vacate rolled out value bag of great gift of 18000 yuan of indulgence, and fast vacate 1.6l and 2.0l to be in already added the base that distribute to go up in the round, divide 09 fast vacate besides roll out valence to be worth great gift of 10000 yuan of indulgence to wrap. Treasure comes classical both sides also rolled out value respectively with 3 compartment 15000 yuan of indulgence great gifts with 18800 yuan are wrapped. There are 3 formulas respectively in these great gift bags, can select according to oneself demand for consumer. Include among them most the cash formula of be clear at a glance, the 3.99 low interest rate that also include to buy car customer in the light of loan add cash formula and 1 yuan of car that use a car in the light of consumer to add cash formula nearly, hind two kinds of formulas are even substantial to cash formula may be being compared for certain consumer. And the model such as Shanghai masses Polo also announces privilege recently 15 thousand yuan.

In new car respect, one steam masses hits out in the round. Among them, classical brand golf its advocate hit multicoloured model appears on the market recently, special automobile body color and interior trim of photograph echo ground highlight Olympic Games feature come out. Additionally Xin Baolai also began " one yuan is booked " , chinese car town will be landed formally in October. Xin Baolai also will become one steam masses contend for the important chip that sells champion this year. Meanwhile, shanghai masses also will roll out Si Ke to amount to Ming Rui to seize golden edition, " brilliant acute " wait for a model.
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