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Contemporary car is in China perform " head character C "
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As the aggravate that car city competes, the market competition ability that how promotes a product continuously has become a lot of joint-stock brands to must want the business that do. With before the dinkum Ckd when numerous and joint-stock factory is introducing a model assembles means photograph to compare, the mainland that current joint-stock plant begins to take research and development seriously more and more is changed. In China mainland is changed not only can reduce cost, antagonism is own the concussion of the brand, more important is to be able to develop the product that fits Chinese consumer demand truly, promote the competition ability of the product cogently, so, joint-stock model mainland changes be sure is hasten of general trends place.

Can notice, a lot of joint-stock factories had been in

The action, the masses has been brought into in joint-stock factory of China system of global research and development, xin Baolai and Lang Yi are its child. And the course that contemporary car also is pursueing mainland to change in China, the replacement money model that its masterpiece is Yilante - Yue is moved, the former model that Yue uses is newest generation Elantra, but the model that as other as international market sells differs somewhat, because new generation Elantra undertook be developinged afresh after the China that be introduced, became present Yue to move. It is reported, the code name of Elantra is Hd, added at the back of the code name after coming to China " C " , represent China. According to the message that newest understanding goes to, the replacement that contemporary car rolls out in Chinese market next has respectively in new model Xin Yuxiang and case inferior new Sailatu, and its code name is Nfc and Tdc respectively. Apparent, the Hdc that Yue moves is not a case, "C " of the delegate will be contemporary car in Chinese market the mainland henceforth changes a course.

Look so, contemporary should perform in China " head character C " good fun, whether successful, nature still must watch the show of a few leading role.

Hdc - Yue is moved

Yue is moved is this " good fun " premiere person, how will expression have conclusive effect. From the point of current condition, yue moves be a success, in 3 months after appearing on the market, sales volume breaks through 10 thousand continuously, and return stand firm the price interval of 100 thousand yuan of above, and the favour that among them high price distributes a car high to also win not little customer in the sale, before changing, Yilante relies on the situation of portion of low car race to control, there was not little promotion on the brand. Agree inside course of study accepted, yue is moved win in the product, manufacturer is early before appearing on the market, make clear express, the Yilante of new generation will undertake those who be aimed at Chinese market transform, is not to copy former model. The reaction of the market showed everything, yue is moved also be Beijing contemporary the mainland that new car introduces changes course begin to exchange fire head artillery piece.
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