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Everything is advantageous have disadvantage surely " spell a car " hot Leng Sai
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"Those who hit is expensive, take a car to squeeze, cycle endure hardships. " because high vehicle maintenance cost makes " spell a car " gens " emerge as the times require " , hot capital. Everything is advantageous have disadvantage surely, whether to spell a car to attribute illegal battalion movement? How should be safe problem ensured again? . . . . . .
"Spell a car " the history:

"Spell a car " the car is called to share in abroad, long-standing. The person that builds a car should pay a car only advocate one share oily cash, can build " downwind car " . This kind of phenomenon is the earliest it is home of United States is in Europe arisen

. After the country such as Switzerland, Holand passes research to this kind of phenomenon, think, the car is shared can reduce air pollution and can increase resource use efficiency.

In Germany, Singapore, catch up with traffic fastigium, even if illicit home car, empty wagons start off also can be fined. The United States also has relevant regulation, che Zhongru has 3 two people to be able to be in if really special driveway travel. In Korea, not only illicit home Che Kecheng is " downwind car " , it is a taxi also but by many passenger " spell a car " , call it by a good name of- - " close by make " .

"Spell a car " the current situation:

In last few years, increase as what our country city changes a course, accelerate, the car retains the quantity is climbed considerably litre, traffic accident frequency is sent, environmental pollution is serious. Wait for a few especially big cities in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou especially, vehicle maintenance cost rises sharply, traffic embraces a phenomenon to have add without decrease, "Spell a car " gens " emerge as the times require " .

Although " spell a car " the phenomenon got the attention of increasing office worker and favour, but the manner of management department of each district passenger transport however very " ambiguous " , although do not have " spell a car " regard as black car undertakes severity is hit, but express clearly also: "Spell a car illegimate " , make " spell a car " gens is very awkward, but have no alternative.
Passenger transport management department is actually right " spell a car " the phenomenon is so sensitive, the reason is very simple: Say a bit more offensively, it is " spell a car " the free management at passenger transport management department besides limits, brought about passenger transport management department to be damaged in the interest of respect of such as administration fee directly, moved them " cheese " , they of course cannot " look on indifferently " !

"Spell a car " advantages and disadvantages:   

Although " spell a car " the risk with constant presence, for instance " spell car a group of things with common features " the safe problem between and problem of traffic accident compensation. But, we cannot give up eating for fear of choking-refrain from doing sth necessary for fear of a slight risk, and evil spirit " spell a car " actuality and feasibility.
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