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Consumption tax is adjusted, can new technology become the biggest person that b
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"Plate name odd amount in addition to the round number of the director is 1, stop today, the director is away on official business to just came back, I open the value regular bus of motorcade to receive. " Fu Zhenyu of driver of motorcade of bureau of work of Shandong province office opens handlebar to saved Zhang Zezhong of director of office work bureau to send the office, the plate name odd amount in addition to the round number of this officer's car that he drives is 2, the value regular bus that is motorcade Zhou Yi, not be director special. This is the example that Shandong province carries out only even numbers strictly to be restricted to protect air quality act all right.

And the purpose that adjusts policy of car consumption tax to execute since September 1 the official statement according to the Ministry of finance is " protect an environment " , limitation discharges an amount greatly, encourage the use of the small car that discharge an amount.

Consumption tax is adjusted, can new technology become the biggest person that be benefited?

Above two kinds of measure are country, government undoubtedly in oil price increasingly rising, environment is polluted increasingly serious today, execute energy-saving the certain way that reduces a platoon. The old nowadays car that discharge an amount hands in high specified number to spend consumption tax to became reality a few days ago eventually. From these days the model whole that the amount discharges greatly in light of sale trades the quantity is very insipid, because go,assume 25% , the consumption tax of 40% high cost to consumer it is a kind of unwise choice really. The author thinks to go up as consumption tax tone, the sales volume that restricts luxurious car, in future 2, in 3 months, the sales volume of countrywide luxurious car still can glide somewhat, the car of big quantity can enter a short-term " glacial times " .

After consumption tax is adjusted, stem from the consideration of economic element, meeting billabong goes to the one part crowd in original pursuit is big consumer that measures a car 2 -- 3 litres of platoons between measure interval. Suffer the effect of policy, platoon quantity structure will meet the car measure progress to medium platoon henceforth. This to a few in for advanced car since good luck, it is not small challenge. In reviewing advanced car city, as the thorough popular feeling of concept of green environmental protection, in the future sure advanced car is medium in can more new technology application are in.

In order to regard the car of Beijing Olympic Games as the partner, one steam, the masses is stridden vacate for exemple, in the Olympic Games during Beijing Olympic Games outstanding convoy serves, make stride what the outstanding character that vacate and excellent performance got member of Olympic Games Organizing Committee and ensemble staff member to approbate. Motive technology erupts continuously inside crock of the world before the Tsi engine that its carry used order's most advanced turbine pressure boost, its characteristic is sex of powerful motive force and sex of section oily environmental protection. 2.0tsi engine can be in 1800, 5000 turn / minute inside this one interval, output the biggest torque of 280 oxen rice continuously, and can reach the top speed of 230km/h, and the acceleration of 0-100km/h time is 9.3s only. No less than 2.5l reach this one fine long hair that occupy silk the large model discharging an amount such as 3.0l, and the model that measures compared with big still is avoided close 4% -- the consumption tax of 7% .
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