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The masses sponsors an Olympic Games or the loss outweights the gain
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1984 los angeles Olympic Games, advanced commercialized idea for the first time, but those who have acid interest is, assemble of all 144 Olympic Gameses make associate during in, only the enterprise of about 30% is in Olympic Games

Gain realizes on investment.

Accordingly, although the Olympic Games lets the world cross a state tycoon scramble for sth, but, what they obtain often not be the result that they expect to obtain.

The masses regards Beijing as the sponsor of the Olympic Games, although evaluate its at present,commercial result is vogue early, the integral environment of the expression that is from its however during the Olympic Games and Chinese car market, still but

With peek clue.

Look in the masses, use Beijing Olympic Games, offer many assistance car, will produce huge front to spread effect to its product.

Nevertheless, what place of big perhaps everybody cannot expect is, what the negative conduct propaganda of every little bit can travel than openly effect occasionally is faster.

A service personnel of the Olympic Games (driver, drive a road is installed) once complained say, road brings this car very no-go, the space is too little, cannot contain more people and article. Down this driver

finger, can see apparently, road installs the installation on roof to have the rack like an aeroboat.

Actually dimensional size is opposite. If be 4 home, how is road to be used quite absolutely, but, during serving as the Olympic Games, want to serve 56 individual above Olympic Games to use a car everyday, full

3 pew had let whole space appear close-packed, how to still put baggage goods?

However, the driver is not in charge of explaining those who use car situation is different, the person that contacts with him just also accepts what install to road to him to complain. Can say, masses good intention did bad thing, among them reason, should

The masses meditates well.

If say this case is the reaction of a car merely, so the stage is exhibited in the masses of Olympic center area, should be the masses all-around the concentration that attracts eyeball to gain favour is reflected.

But, lie between a window and look exhibit a car, the echelon bleachers like rural playgoing, twinkle not clear big screen, the huge honoured guest district of audience go no further, let arose to be apart from ineffably between the masses and consumer

From. Come to what the audience that this visits obtains besides the intense heat of summer burning hot, estimation won't get be shown loving care for like more popular Olympic again.

Contrary, giving birth to a company by force, in Adidasi, they let exhibit stage and audience be in harmony to be an organic whole hard, what they hawk is a product not just, it is culture and brand more.

The masses serves as the masses kind the production of car consumable sells a company, those who place is however those who keep people a thousand miles away is arrogant with inhospitality. the identity after they enjoy the Shi Jie that be protected to buy ahead of schedule and ground
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