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Buy 4 respects that two handcart note
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Market major personage thinks, because buy the consumptive group of two handcart to show level to be centered in recently novice, medium or small middleman of fan of unit, car, each district, among them especially the novice buys two handcart to often lack certain experience. The expert reminds, after buying two handcart, must want to notice the following:

The first, the necessary duty of car is expended and be sure

The two handcart that buy in standard approach are in commonly trade the tax cost before that day is all ready, but duty of boat of the cost of maintain a road after trading, car, insurance often needs to buy a car advocate be changed by oneself or pay.

In respect of cost of maintain a road we suggest car advocate cost of deadline pay maintain a road is according to half an year the least after buying two handcart transfer ownership.

Enforce as a result of the country in insurance respect 3 person safe execution, when two handcart are selling much, itself is to contain compulsive 3 person safe, but the change the name of owner in a register that best car basically enquires and undertakes is sure. Additional, in the light of the novice we suggest additional business is sure to also want to decide according to his circumstance, for instance danger of pilfer rush to deal with an emergency, nick, car loss danger is waited a moment.

The 2nd, the inspection that involves car security and change

Generally speaking normal agency often is met according to the necessary safety of car the wear out condition of the component buys buyer to offer an opinion, for instance undercarriage of the tire of car, Buddhist templeput on the brakes piece, change direction aid the component such as force. But as a result of the car advocate be used to and drive the environment is different, we suggest to often run the user with long-distance, use harder way had better change ahead of schedule undercarriage of tire, Buddhist templeput on the brakes piece reach relevant cop.

The 3rd, the inspection that involves car performance characteristics and change

Examination and reorganize and outfit should undertake to crucial part after two handcart are being bought below normal circumstance, below the case that records without maintenance, e.g. the basis the circumstance is opposite the engine oil of car, change the pump that help strength to oily, brake oil, gear-box oil undertake change and complementing, core of filter of air, engine oil, benzine undertakes changing, air channel, vent-pipe undertakes examination and cleanness are waited a moment.

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