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How does the novice choose appropriate and secondhand car
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Applicable principle holds concurrently to fall in material benefit, the expert suggests the novice had better buy a cheap and fine two handcart to leave first. And how the choose and buy is secondhand car, it is a lot of cars advocate the difficult problem that face.

Here, the reporter is passed consult expert of city of a few two handcart, recommend a few essentials that buy a car to the reader. As a result of the novice to car maintain, adjust those who wait for a type to use it is certain to have " be short of break " , accordingly to new car, use loss is bigger, be compared and the two handcart that character has adjusted often suit a novice to drive more.

1. 30 thousand yuan the following and secondhand car: The proposal chooses the model that Xiali, abstruse develop, QQ matures this kind, lest be affected by environmental protection,choose the electric gush model after 2003 as far as possible, the maintenance relative to this kind of car is convenient and substantial.

2. 3~5 10 thousand yuan of two handcart: This kind of car basically is old 3 appearance and in last few years the market has the model with higher rate, for instance Sangdana, nimble is amounted to, Europe of Fu Kang, contest, a horse that covers a thousand li a day is waited a moment, the quality of the crucial part such as the engine that should pay close attention to car when choosing this kind of vehicle, gear-box, cannot make excessive demands overly to the exterior.

3. 5~10 10 thousand yuan of two handcart: The model of this one interval is relatively some more, if be to buy the two handcart inside 2 years, fly degree, POLO, triumphant more, Sailatu, power gallop, treasure will wait for a model to be inside this one interval.

4. 10~20 10 thousand yuan of two handcart: Buy this kind of two handcart to be compared to calculating for the novice " high-grade " , can choose to use cost to compare reasonable model as far as possible, this cropland is for instance elegant special grade of Sa of cabinet, handkerchief.

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