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How to differentiate two handcart stand or fall
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The customer that buys two handcart at present is increasing, but a lot of friends are the first time buy a car, do not know how to be differentiated. Believe spirit law is secondhand the professional personage of vehicle center expresses, average consumer wants to be able to notice the following only can preliminary differentiate the stand or fall of a two handcart.

1, search accident trace and hidden trouble. Lift drive outback blanket is searched below whether does automobile body hide hard injury, observe door looks to whether had painted afresh carefully.

2, the balata that notices footplate to go up covers a range, here can show the actual age of car fully most.

3, observation tire wears away degree especially front-wheel drive. Tire itself state not beautiful, the integral case that shows this car has a problem.

4, state of understanding automobile body. Observe the brim of dashboard and axle are in carefully, treat parts wear out condition. Perhaps look carefully at the end outside vent-pipe, check its stale or rusty rate.

5, see engine surface, identify the mark of slack leakage oil. The engine that start observes the color of eduction gas. If be in order of translucent weak gray specification; Black specification engine is good without air officer; Blue shows engine already very fatigue; White explains cylinder mat discards as useless soon.

6, function of examination car travel. Will detect through driving personally car condition is indispensable, want to check all sorts of electric equipment especially.

7, drive travel is apart from one paragraph, the sound that waits for engine to rise to proper temperature to listen attentively to engine carefully looks as good as rings.

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