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Two handcart price wants how to calculate
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Does old car trade how convert into money? How to buy two handcart to avoid to be slaughtered? Nowadays, new model appears on the market ceaselessly, new old car is alternant and frequent on car city, a lot of cars advocate want to borrowing this period to sell exchange old car new car. The public figure that wants to buy a two handcart to transfer is increasing also. However, most car advocate the procedures that does not know two handcart displacement and appraise value, in the hard to avoid when trading by person flicker, the personage that buys a car does not know likewise how accurate counter-bid.

Two handcart trade formalities wants all ready

New cooperative old motor vehicle trades piece of manager introduction of the center, two handcart management orgnaization has firm demand to buying two handcart, among them formalities is the most important.

The registering certificate that two handcart buy an orgnaization to receive an old car to need car commonly, purchase car surtax card of proof of cost of card and bill, maintain a road, travel and insurance policy. And these receipts are short of to two handcart buying and selling one cannot.

Buy the car that keep a cost as far as possible

New cooperative old motor vehicle trades a manager of the center express, car advocate be about to think of whether this kind of car often depreciates when buying new car. Depreciate often the damage cost that reduced this car, car advocate the price will be lower when selling. Current, nimble is amounted to, this Fu Kang, Sangdana, Xiali, QQ and Feng Tian, cropland, day is produced wait for car relatively keep a cost, these a few kinds of cars hand in easy price in two handcart market at present taller.

Usable formula concludes old car price

Nowadays, apply mechanically of the metropolis when 4S inn is doing two handcart to trade a formula, this formula can be calculated reasonably quite give an old car probably the price. (1 - already used month / 320) × is current the value after = of new car price is evaluated (1 delegate car is new old rate) . Of course, this formula just serves as consult, what use fixed number of year according to car even actually is different, maintain the respect such as car brand image and state, travel state will evaluate.

Still one does not become the guild regulations of article: Namely two handcart are hit on the foundation of market present price above all 8 fold, press next annual car age depreciates 10 thousand yuan of computation. Use this kind of means to trade to be compared at present common.

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