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Shenzhen is secondhand the car maintains 5 measure
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1. Change engine oil and glib style.

After buying two handcart, should change above all " liquid " , be like cooling water of oil of oil of box of engine oil, wave, apply the brake, cistern to wait. Change engine oil to must change at the same time glib style, ensure oil path not by foreign matter block.

2. Change wave box oil.

Wave box oil is the easiest uncared-for. After buying two handcart, should change the wave box accord with manufacturer norms is oily, this car to above of 5 years of car age especially important. Be like car of the drive after belonging to, want " end tooth is oily " change along with all the others.

3. Cam belt reachs water pump.

To the car age 5 years of above or in the car that number already amounted to above of 70 thousand kilometer, the most reliable processing technique is to change new Cam to take (namely engine when take) , water pump and leather belt also can change along with all the others in the meantime, can save many cost.

4. Tire.

Like tire already abrasion should change new tire to be installed in order to ensure complete. The part is secondhand the begin car of the car advocate the likelihood already had 3, had not changed tire 4 years, although tire looks,be like new clean or hole grain still deep, but colloid likelihood is already sclerotic, tire cannot provide the due capability that seize the ground.

5. Vapour washs railroad car.

Divide depth of common aspiration, steam clean besides, still need to disinfect mop and anion air to purify wait for measure, can discharge all such as all sorts of peculiar smell.

Of course, the car that in normal two handcart management place sells is a course of multiple working procedure maintain with safeguard, consumer but leave out many upkeep cost.

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