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Two handcart novice purchases strategy directory
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Buy two handcart, the formalities of its quality, change the name of owner in a register focus that is consumer attention all the time. To buy gratified two handcart, urumqi old motor vehicle trades Chen Peng of market vise general manager flies give out proposal: Want to observe a car more when buying two handcart, take care the function of the car, compare more, if oneself are not very know a car, look for a friend that knows a car or expert to become staff officer, if buy a car to want to deal with change the name of owner in a register as soon as possible certainly, avoid issue.

1. buys a car to order car end truly first

Buying two handcart is the price buying a car that should fix his above all, want to buy the two handcart of a how many money, basically reach need according to his ability. Had decided oneself want to buy the car of what price, choose in this price interval.

Car of Urumqi gentleman naval vessel serves horse of selling manager of finite liability company to say by force: Had decided the price that buy a car, when choose ability won't do useless work. When the choice buys a car, should see car normal procedure is all ready, compare more, ask same model, price, use fixed number of year more. The first time the use property that buys a car to must buy a car certainly, operation still is not operation, if operation car use fixed number of year is brief, discard as useless 8 years commonly.

2. buys a car to seek a give advice knowing a car

Consumer buys the quality issue that the biggest worry of two handcart is a car. Urumqi old motor vehicle trades flying proposal of Chen Peng of market vise general manager: When buying two handcart, value a car, recognize goods, it is the first link that avoids to produce issue later. If do not know a car, or know a little about, had better ask the relevant understanding car, friend that knows a car to accompany go seeing a car.

When buying two handcart, had better look for a give advice to see a car together, accomplish the know how things stand and feel confident of handling them in him heart. Careful inquiry car advocate the last time before clinching a deal maintains time, if have,maintain maintenance log is best. See spare wheel in good condition, can understand the use situation of understanding car so.

3. change the name of owner in a register does to pay total money

To make sure the capital of purchaser is safe, after doing change the name of owner in a register, again entire section pays. Chen Peng flies say: After deciding bought car, hand in one part subscription first, after waiting for car transfer ownership, more than one-time hand in.

Because be when conduction change the name of owner in a register, if discover if go all out guaranty, illegally,car is existing outfit, assemble, smuggling, it is theft even car, discard as useless when the problem such as the car, cannot change the name of owner in a register and can bring a trouble to oneself, bring about the generation of dispute very easily. Best practice is buyer after valueing a car, advance first a few subscription, seal up for keeping car by management company next, deal with formalities of car transfer ownership by the member that do sth for sb. Deal with when all formalities after ending, consumer shifts a car to management company again.
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