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Of two handcart choose and buy surely classics measure
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P makes a budget

•According to oneself economic actual strength and actual demand, make a reasonable budget that buy a car, do according to one's abilities. Should be opposite above all you can the know exactly about sth in heart of susceptive maximum price

•Clear up each poundage that needs when change the name of owner in a register even next.

•Next again the habits and customs according to you, estimation you can susceptive uses car expenditure normally, include: Insurance premium, raise travelling expenses, gasoline expenses, the maintenance of routine is expended, stop fare to wait.

Above each charge, because of the car different. Before choosing a vehicle so, be about to be opposite the economic burden that is about to increase another account.

P decides a model

Research fits the model of own demand quite, in an ancient name for China two handcart network chooses the love vehicle that he admires in the heart. Had better be used to according to what you live and need, will decide what kind of vehicle is the rightest to you.

Above all, can decide the following first:

What do you connect P to often be done with the car? Commute, run business, be still on the weekend go on a journey?

Do you want P on average everyday run how many kilometer?

Is P general the car that how many person can take you?

P you are to like equestrian muscularity to quicken fast car, still like economy to save oil model?

Next, can be aimed at all models inside limits of your psychology price again, do a few research. Current and best news source, be Internet. Can go up in the net

According to concerning an expert comment on, the netizen's comment, narrow limits further 3 arrive inside 4 kinds of models.

The 3rd, if you do not know how the quality of appraisal car, and should avoid to be duped be in an unfavorable situation, can consider to buy the car that test and verify passes so. If the brand is secondhand car

The 4th, once decided you want what kind of car, how the question that leave searched namely. In an ancient name for China two handcart net, click me to want to buy a car, can begin you

The stay away from home that buys a car. We hope you can be in the vehicle that an ancient name for China finds you to admire in the heart on two handcart net.

P communicates communication

Communicate directly with the seller of favorite car, understand relevant situation

After you see a favorite car, can with the car advocate undertake contacting. When having, a phone can understand a lot of situations. Before seeing a car, can connect

Cross a phone to ask some of question more as far as possible, so OK and spare time.

Normally, the history that you should know a car and drive state. The service that a lot of people that buy a car can ask to see car is recorded and maintain bill.
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