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How in the choose and buy high-grade and secondhand car
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After the Spring Festival passes, in high-grade and secondhand the sale of the car is shown popular go situation, how Where is choose and buy? Believe spirit law is secondhand the professional personage of vehicle center suggests below to you:

Notice fittings is supplied and the model with price use longer time can encounter spare parts the issue with less, higher price, the spare parts of car of a few entrances needs from abroad airborne, cost raises greatly. Opposite for, of Japanese series old old general component performance has compared two handcart, the value is inferior, euramerican department spare parts little, price is high.

A few scarcer racing bike mix the superiority that notices insurance tax is expended the insurance cost of luxurious car is very high, maintenance is very no-go, although these cars buy fare low, but tax cost insurance is very tall.

Notice environmental protection asks and origin big city asks to compare to the environmental protection of car tall, consumer must see the environmental protection sex of car whether achieve place to use a requirement, whether normal start off. In the meantime, consider the source of car even, importing a car partly at the outset do not enter country through standard approach, if be the individual trades to should note these problems more, avoid to make source of car of cause of formation unidentified and cannot start off.

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