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Secondhand business affairs car how choose and buy
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The business affairs that mentions here is secondhand car, basically include golden cup, Jin Long, Yi Weike, Feng Tianhai lion to wait for the 8 medium-sized minibus to 11, and car of of all kinds business trip. Be in in couplet is secondhand in car market, this kind of car is occupied about 10% the left and right sides. The sale is best still is golden cup series. Because it is practical very strong, was 1999 the following model is given priority to, average travel course of development 30 thousand kilometer / year, the price 50 thousand reach 80 thousand yuan very moderate, make the first selection of a lot of people naturally; And resemble " old car appraised price " in car of mentioned entrance business trip first class of bullet of Xue Folai LUMINA, although the price is a few taller, but car condition has engine function and whole very much assure, can saying to go up is high-grade business affairs uses a car. Congener still used does not overcome this GL8, cropland Odyssey to wait, calculate going up is high-quality goods.

The person that business affairs uses the choose and buy of the car is an enterprise mostly, to satisfy all sorts of business affairs utility, include to go out daily, communication makes an on-the-spot investigation, long-distance travel, receive send guest to wait, this kind of 8 business affairs to 11 use a car capacious, comfortable, what fit much person very much is long-distance go out general affairs. When the enterprise is buying this kind of car, pay attention to sexual price to compare quite, wear away to operating mode of state of the mechanical function of the car, engine, air conditioning, exterior, tire, system of new old rate, sound compares ben captious. Want to consider car condition already, want to consider the price again, it is very the exterior, ben, important also at the same time to take comfortable sex. Below simple introduction a few choose a method:

■ visual examination:

Because the car is older, when use hard to avoid has loiter of knock against cut. The two side that notice a car and rear have without the mark that has beaten apparently; Colour and lustre of face seeing lacquer is even, if have lacquer to see rate of its stand or fall, lacquer face shoots next having not to have clear off color in in relief illumination. If automobile body has slight cut only also unavoidable. If feel dark and gloomy of face of automobile body lacquer is dated, show primary vehicle advocate maintain bad. Want microscope to have at the same time without rustily state.

■ air conditioning examination:

The air conditioning that the user uses a car to these business affairs very care about. Business affairs car working load is bigger, travel in what differ road condition condition and climate condition fall, air conditioning implement in shake, dirt, engine is roast the job below the condition that reachs successive movement, appear more easily consequently breakdown. Not refrigeration or cooling and undesirable, sound unusual or circuit of noise, control reachs yuan of parts of an apparatus exist possibly unusually. When test-drive, want to hear the voice with have all without exception normal. Put through air conditioning implement switch, after compressor begins the work, engine sound increases a little it is normal to be; Upward pressure of dial visitting appearance, water lukewarm, oil pressure and each function indicator light, examine the quantity of refrigeration agent; Compare the temperature of conduit of dry filter around, not due before heat hind cool phenomenon, show current otherwise not free.
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