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Two handcart buy Shenzhen car guide
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Understand a car carefully advocate
The bargainor is checked before buying a car, can avoid to buy the car that is stolen, be cheated by those nonexistent telephone number in case. The safest and effective method wants to hold the vehicle that you take a fancy to through professional orgnaization namely. Remember, spend some of penny general to be able to reduce the risk in the future.

Check the history of car
Two handcart are not new car after all, the past to car your utterly ignorant, but the divine explore that experience of no less than often goes to can pass a certain number of pair of subtle clues observation, recombine to once produced the case that pass. The assessment to car also is same, want you to be good at observation only, of the car traumatic even the eye that internal injury does not escape to give you completely.
·Brand -- popular car or car of an unexpected winner increase price according to market level or reduce the price.
·Car condition -- the exterior, inside element of gist of outfit, engine, batholith, former Qi Wu one cannot careless omission.
·Frequency of change the name of owner in a register -- the time is more car condition expects harder.
·Color -- special not popular or the color of an unexpected winner can ask to reduce the price.
·Configuration -- according to add outfit configuration value to reach tear open outfit difficulty how to much decide to increase price.
·Accident car -- judge according to accident size; Check an accident repair, a surname that those new in season pass and plastics can show through coming than be opposite.
·Odograph -- the establishment of microscope car and dashboard, whether has been it distorted indication kilometer number.
·Detail -- the condition that inspects car in the round, can learn car age and number of course of development. The loss that scree causes partly before to car will show the use rate of the car. Interior spare parts also cannot be pretended, and can show use degree.
·Try drive car -- of car start fast? Exhaust how? Is clutch used whether very conveniently?

Paper face works
·Car registers certificate -- the car certificate that register is car proof of necessary property right, the car that buys before 2002 did not register certificate for the most part, when car trades need fills do.
·Car travel certificate -- trade when two handcart, car travel certificate also wants to change. The car photograph of car travel card wants with car conform to, car wants according to formulary yearly check.
·Car advocate certificate of code of Id, unit -- trade both sides needs to show identification, the unit needs to produce the code letter of the unit. If Id or the registering certificate of the address of code certificate and name and car or travel card not conform to, both sides needs to be changed to place of registration of vehicles.
·Car purchases cost of surtax, maintain a road and car boat royalities -- of car purchase surtax must pay, maintain a road is expended at least pay trades to car a month inside time, car boat royalities must pay trades to car in those days.
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