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Two handcart are common problem and means of settlement
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Ask 1: Are car window sealing strip or automobile body prevented brush how to open glue to handle?

Answer: Majority is belonged to assemble quality problem, also likelihood and stick and material quality is concerned. Handle in time to 4S, basic it is free. Friend having a car also processing of data of provide for oneself, if be opposite,what use before the balata material such as sealing strip is 520 glue, brush to preventing with 3M double-faced glue, cost is lower.

Ask 2: Shake handshandle of the side outside door is easy get off one's hands, if why be handled?

Answer: Continue to use of the shake handshandle outside the door of fine horse nimble honour gallop design, inadequacy depends on opening angle too big, can press a standard the angle at the ground, when opening the door forcibly so easy get off one's hands. The report says to be able to adjust the opening angle of the shake handshandle outside the door to 4S, but the adjustment with this detailed without discovery still altar the exercise of shake handshandle opening angle.

Ask 3: Whether is the tire noise of fine horse nimble compared big?

Answer: The solid of fine horse nimble is distinctive NCT5 tire slants overweight motion function, outstanding characteristic is scroll obstruction small, be helpful for reducing oily cost. But the inadequacy of this kind of tire is fetal a confusion of voices wants a little bit big. Can alleviate through adding outfit sound insulation.

Ask 4: Why is the steering wheel of fine horse nimble weighed quite?

Answer: Of fine horse nimble turning to aircraft type still is gear rack type, in whether aiding force to affirming changeably. Fine horse nimble especially luxurious model, those who use is 205 wide embryoes, this is more general than other vehicle wide 185 tire are in low speed or when place gets lost, obstruction wants big, this also is the reason that feels steering wheel is heavy.

Ask 5: Is fine horse nimble in why to wait for fast moment to feel vibration?

Answer: Above all car vibration is absolutely, even if is storage battery car also can have vibration; Quiet it is opposite, depend on perceptive judgement of the individual. Cold Che Qi moves or neutral place waits wait for fast shake the likelihood causes by following reasons:

1, ignition energy on the low side is brought about shake

The first problem that faces when car cold start-up is microtherm, the temperature inside engine is insufficient, the temperature of fuel and lube is insufficient, it is so when cold start-up the requirement of should much fuel injection with contented motivation sex. The gap of sparkplug is bigger, ignition energy is smaller. Pulverization of the fuel when microtherm is bad, fuel needs higher ignition energy, the car is used for long, the ignition clearance of sparkplug greatens easily, bring about ignition energy to drop, affect dynamical sex thereby, make car happening shakes. Additional, the ageing of ignition coil ageing, high tension line of sparkplug or leakage of electricity, can bring about ignition energy to reduce likewise.
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