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Two handcart are common what does noise have
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When to two handcart the market chooses two handcart, you may encounter such situation, the noise that car feels when test-drive is bigger, may be about to make a whisper in your heart at this moment. But tell objectively, a travel the noise of old car engine after a few years of tens of thousands of kilometer, chassis noise wants to be more than new car for certain. A few kinds of two handcart introduce to you below common noise and reason.

It is vent-pipe noise, this belongs to normal ageing. Especially the car with longer year often contacts the soda acid material such as rain, slush because of the bottom after automobile body bumpy even road pulls the account such as the bottom, can cause rustily, flat wait for a phenomenon, the meeting when cheering is heard " dash forward, dash forward " sound, the noise after changing a vent-pipe is eliminated immediately.

2 it is engine noise, engine noise matter is more complex. Be the component because of interior a little is normal wear away cause. Because a few people are caused for neglect,some are, if light leak crosses engine oil, antifreeze or once maintained more than,the kilometer counts demarcate multiple still did not maintain wait for a reason. Settling way is to change partial component.

The 3 noise that are chassis system, the reason that causes chassis noise is very much, but if it were not for pulls a bottom badly to cause, the problem does not calculate big. For instance of bearing wear away, ball head becomes loose, the reason such as vibrating absorber invalidation can produce abnormal noise, suggest you go specializing in inn to detect breakdown undertakes maintaining.

4 it is automobile body noise, this is belonged to use all the year round cause. Because car is in travel process with road surface shake make whole automobile body is in turn round ceaselessly, bend, travel is sure what can create a few position is inattentive after certain kilometer. And noise and travelling speed are concerned. Settling way is new undertake to the 4 the door, batholith of car, mothball compartment sealed. If you discovered the noise that unlike above a few kinds of reasons cause, then you are about microscope.

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