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Rental car is sure to keep in mind item
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Hire the car that come to be in hold accuse a respect to often be compared unfamiliar, hand operation should be moved a few times personally before start off in front the operation that says, the position that like lamplight key and other operation key are in, import a car to want to make clear and automatic door lock and guard against theft especially implement use. This conduces to the position that remembers them not only, and the working case that still can examine them, more important is OK operation disorder happens in avoiding drive a vehicle. Some beautiful department cars do not step on separation and reunion is to hit do not wear of the car, again for instance lamplight controls switch, have a plenty of pigheaded, have a plenty of those who pull, have a plenty of those who push; Back a car block have a plenty of what push directly, have a plenty of press downward first, push again next; Rain is brushed implement switch some is on steering wheel, some in the …… on dashboard these need to carry real operation a few times, ability applies freely, avoid to give the error in driving after travel.

The car that start, look carefully at appearance and admonitory signal carefully, after before a few paces make clear, below the circumstance that still should run in engine, the moving condition that observes all sorts of appearance and admonitory pilot device carefully, should notice odograph and fuel gauge, engine water is warm particularly the demonstrative circumstance of watch of watch, engine oil pressure and ammeter. A lot of car had used a warning to replace all sorts of appearance index, answer to observe aglimmer admonitory signal lamp carefully, be familiar with their position, utility and working circumstance. Each signal that shows on dashboard, reminding the problem that a few need note. Anyhow, lease caution and discretion want many minutes when car, must not cursory act, want to set out from safe angle already, responsible to oneself, also want to consider from care car angle, to the car advocate responsible. Cannot be a graph only temporarily cheesy, without any consideration, open a car to go, once produce an accident, will regretful. Head the steam company that rent mixes the function in car hold accuse a respect to give bear the guidance with the detailed person that hire, make sure your start off does not have care.

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