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Hire car violate the rules and regulations 5 days not capture amerce will suffer
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Rose on September 1 last year, of behavior of service of battalion of the already of first normative car of countrywide that rent run kind of place level -- standard of ― Beijing place " the car rents management service standard " will begin to carry out. The reporter understands from city carriage bureau yesterday, basis " standard " , drive hire the car violate the rules and regulations that come, the person that rent a car should know in the accused 5 accept punishment in a few days, refus does not accept punishment, the driver that registers in the contract will be referred to the branch that make a valve to undertake handling as person of responsibility of violate the rules and regulations. Meanwhile, the person that rent a car will enjoy 5 annulus inside 2 hours come to help.

It is reported, problem of violate the rules and regulations is the problem that puzzles a car to rent an industry all the time. Head steam rents company model manager to tell a reporter, the violate the rules and regulations that has 5% about belongs to ” of “ bad debt, the message of violate the rules and regulations that this part sends by electronic eye, because rent a car person do not grant to admit or refus capture fines and do not become ” of “ bad debt.

The reporter still understands, rescuing phone should be made clear in the contract that rent, make sure the value defends somebody 24 hours, basis " standard " , after the car rents operator to receive tenant rescuing telephone call, should want sue for peace according to coming to help beforehand case undertake rescuing. If accident place is in this city in 5 annulus road one-way perhaps in 20 kilometers, ought to arrive inside 2 hours. Breakdown car cannot return to normal inside 2 hours of travel, the car operator that rent should be offerred to the person that rent a car corresponding function replaces car temporarily with what hire valence. Otherwise, the person that rent a car has authority to put forward to remove the car rents a contract, rental just should return the car that rent to stop during sailing, hire pays stop during sailing hire the penalty due to breach of contract of 20% .

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