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Buy a car cold is financing of the heat that rent a car rented open a car to bor
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The car city it may be said of nowadays is gloomy, of each manufacturer depreciate one after another let consumer continue to hold money to wait for buy, of the bank tighten up a car to borrow in the round turn car city to cereal bottom. Statistical data shows, the Shanghai of car city champion June's current sales volume is 24043 only, it is the close half of 40 thousand sales volume with Shanghai record-breaking March masses only, of car city low fan visible and general.
but also somebody is in the city that it is a car this kind low confuse a condition secretly glad, this is the each car company that rent. The market of near future car that rent gets car town is small confused impact, turnover rises somewhat, and as car price go low, the price that the car rents also is reduced somewhat, bring consumer more material benefit.

According to the analysis, depreciate as a result of current car city frequent, consumer mostly “ is bought go up to be not bought drop ” , plus car danger cost rate rises ceaselessly wait for an element, a lot of consumer cover tightened moneybag, the car is rented when the money that peaceful usable province comes down is wanting to use a car, still can save next considerable car to maintain with upkeep costs.

Besides short-term hire car business to grow somewhat temporarily beyond, ——— financing rented another kind of when the act that current bank tightens up a car to borrow gives the company that rent burgeoning business to also bring rare opportunity. The “ that financing is rented even if says usually buys on sb's behalf with hiring ” , the car that is foreign extraordinary popularity sells pattern. Say simply even if be by the person that rent a car after the earnest money with regular pay, need every months to hand in the certain expenses that rent a car to gain the access of car only, hire what car company is in charge of a car to come to help, the job such as safe, yearly check, after waiting for a contract to expire, can acquire the property of this car. What begin financing the earliest to rent business is medium on Shanghai the Xu manager of the steam company that rent tells the author, with the car loan photograph is compared, financing hires the advantage that has tripartite side:

- head pay proportion low. At present the car of the bank borrows a doorsill taller, basically ask of 30%-40% head pay, if plus other and of all kinds charge, basically head pay the in part that wants the price that amount to a car. But in the financing business that rent, the financial condition that wants a client only is examined get admissive, lowest needs pay to be equivalent to the bail of 2 months hire only, can drive the car come home.

- financing is rented provided a variety of services for the client. Pay of client of meeting representative of the company that rent purchases duty, maintain a road to expend, conduction yearly check, handle matters concerned of compensate of car danger manage, the maintenance with daily car can enjoy the privilege under market price case to designation unit.
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