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The car rents a note
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Be in when you the car that rent while. You should pay close attention to car not only car condition, brand, price, want more detail that pay close attention to the contract that rent and provision at the same time, lest bring about the dispute of the right and responsibility as a result of neglect. The item that the following enumerate gives needs an attention:
The driver that makes sure the car that rent is registered for the contract drives. In rent period inside, be like bear hire the information that just registers to produce change, should inform in time rental square (by oneself bear the car that rent, cannot relet other or make over, in rent period tenant should assume everything to reach accident responsibility) about car violate the rules and regulations.

Bear hire just offer with bail assure, bail must not be used at filling to touch hire, the contract is fulfilled after ending, bail should be returned bear hire square. Both sides also can adopt other way to assure via the agreement.

Accident risk reachs beak a contract
The accident risk responsibility of bilateral agreement, rental just can cast to insurance company protect or assume with other way. Protect to agreeing the accident risk that partake was not cast, risk losing computation, compensate pays, consult motor-driven car clauses and compensate pay a program to undertake.

Rental just fail to fulfill to bear when hiring the obligation such as the car that just offers contract agreement, service, the agree carries following responsibility of breach of contract:
The major that carriage management department of 1. classics road approbates detects the orgnaization maintains primary standard of short of of the car that rent, bear hire Fang Youquan to remove contract, ask to rent just undertake responsibility of breach of contract.
2. cannot provide breakdown by the agreement maintenance, when coming to help, bear hire Fang Youquan to remove contract, rental just should return the car that rent to stop during sailing, hire pays stop during sailing hire the penalty due to breach of contract of 20 % .
3. maintenance, car is rented to still cannot restore to use a function after coming to help, rental just should offer comparative to class replaces a car or take other step.

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