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Drive the common sense of rental car
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When you need to lease the car is used, do not forget please, the appearance that spends a few minutes of time to be familiar with a car before dispatch a vehicle, operation with the car besides, this meeting increases safety factor of your drive a vehicle effectively.

Press please before use the following 4 paces are familiar with place to drive car.

1. Before getting on a car, to the car advocate the circumstance of brief inquiry car, for instance car condition how? What place needs special attention? The apply the brake that affects safety of drive a vehicle directly especially, change direction etc. Through the car advocate remind make oneself accomplish know fairly well. Besides, still should checking fluid of fuel, cooling fluid, lube, brake and drive is main part, still answer when necessary

Still answer try out a paragraph of distance, in order to be familiar with the working circumstance with examination clutch, accelerator, brake and engine.

2. Make clear all appearance, operate the position; Enter driver's seat, want to had adjusted the driver's seat that suits oneself first, be familiar with appearance next, operate the position of a place.

Good to master appearance, operate a located position, can read an user to use manual (rent the car that come in the company that rent commonly, user use manual puts advanced windshield upper part mostly on sunshade board) , 2 OK and direct ask for advice seeking a person. If be the car that rents to the friend, without user manual and search to be less than some kind of appearance or operate a position when, but ask for advice of direct Xiang Pengyou, the chaos in driving in case looks for chaos to feel and dispersive attention. Especially every are blocked, horn, rain is blown implement, light switch, automatic door lock, appearance and the located position such as switch of all sorts of admonitory signal lamp. Can not forget to still have the switch of electric car window, do not see it ordinary, can arrive collect fees booth, you can find it immediately with respect to the hope.

3. Launch car, close automatic hand is operated a few times.

Before start off, should personally the hand moves an operation a few times in front the operation that says, this conduces to you remembering their position not only, and the working case that still can examine them, more important is OK the disorder happens in avoiding drive a vehicle. For instance lamplight controls switch, have a plenty of pigheaded, have a plenty of those who pull, still have a plenty of those who push; Rain is blown implement switch is had a plenty of go up in steering wheel, have a plenty of go up in dashboard, have a plenty of advanced windshield … of sunshade board upper part…These should carry real operation, just can apply freely.

4. The car that start, look carefully at appearance and admonitory signal carefully.

After before a few paces are cleared up, below the circumstance that you still should run in engine, the moving condition that observes all sorts of appearance and admonitory pilot device, special attention the demonstrative circumstance of watch of lukewarm table of odograph and fuel gauge, engine water, engine oil pressure and ammeter. A lot of car had used bribe emergency warning lamp replaced all sorts of appearance index, answer to observe aglimmer admonitory signal lamp carefully, be familiar with their position, utility and working circumstance. Each signal that shows on dashboard, reminding the problem of attention of your a few need. To above 4 pass familiar understanding of a few minutes, so you are sure in travel road meeting more calm, safer.
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