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The car rents the market: Hot when already becoming the past
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Whenever grow false eve, the each car company that rent can greet Hangzhou a batch another batch order a car to make an appointment phone, think to hire the “ of the car in long holiday a group of things with common features ” , often shift to an earlier date half month, even a month makes an appointment early, sometimes although such “ drive early ” , possible still the reason as a result of lease accident, be washed out in ” of battle of contention of the “ that rent a car. However this year, the hot line renting a car of the company that rent is not hot however, the happiness that the hot scene that before growing a holiday before, demands exceeds supply appears to already became a car to rent the market is recollected.

It is not difficult that the car is rented before the section

Before “ grows a holiday 0 rent this place, one word of ‘ hot ’ is to be not used for certain went up, can say to compare only a bit hotter at ordinary times. Sun Xinjun of assistant of general manager of the company of car of letter of ” Zhejiang country that rent generalizes “ so before 11 ” grow a holiday 0 hire the market. The country is believed as Zhejiang the oldest car hires a firm, the car that deserves to be hired with Yu Ling fully is close 100, in former years arrived this moment, the 0 cars that rent had entirely almost book an user, but now, the car has not received work in long holiday.

In assistant manager of the company of car of travel of Zhejiang external affairs that rent Zhu Xiangqian expresses, 30 0 rent a car, 34 still are booked without the client, it is OK to will hire now lease arrives.

Long from National Day holiday already was not worth a week, but most car rents a company to still the car can be hired, such phenomenon is in in former years is unlikely. Controller of a company that rent expresses, previously this moment, the company should grow the client that hires 7 days of above only, but the client that hires 3 days two only this year, the most company that rent also can be admitted.

Do not order National Day to order the Spring Festival

In interview, the country believes stadium road to manage a Chen Xuxiang manager to tell a reporter an interesting phenomenon. In making the telephone call that book, the client has begun to book a car for the Spring Festival, and such “ client still is not two ” .

There still is the time of nearly 5 months from the Spring Festival now, so early the client books a car, apparently look, the demand that Spring Festival holiday rents a car wants ambitious at “ 11 ” of 51 ” , “ , from say substantially, this standardized form showed the Spring Festival to grow holiday and “ 11 ” golden week is in 51 ” , “ the substaintial distinction on hire car utility.

The country believes Sun Xinjun to express, the client rents a car during the Spring Festival, multi-purpose will visit friend in person, rare with will go out of the journey. Spend the New Year oneself drive come home, the requirement of client mentally was satisfied on certain level. Because this Spring Festival hires car condition relatively hot. And 11 ” of “ the golden week, mouth of the belt that carry the home hires a car to go out of travel hold very large proportion, but there is road jam, tourist attraction to jockey between long holiday troublesome, charge is advanced problem, affected people to choose the enthusiasm that the golden week travels, mirror on the market that rent a car, the clientele that is embracing this one purpose to rent a car is less and less also, the market is opposite in former years somewhat atrophic.
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