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"The purchase of wind" blowing hot at the end of second-hand car market in th
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Was originally used-car market by the end of the season, and recently the capital of the used car market is extremely strong, showed a blowout situation. According to relevant departments of statistics, the capital of a single month used-car transactions in November 55500, an increase of 36.7% last year, 40,600, up 33.9% from l ast month. Jiang Wenhui, general manager of the Chinese city that second-hand car, second-hand car trading capital in November as long as the exception is due to licensing restrictions Beijing rumors of various causes. China's second-hand car from the Beijing city editor learned that the old motor vehicle market, 11 months since, for transfer of user groups increased by 30% every day for the transfer of an excessive number of users, the market has office hours from the original 5.30 extended to 7 o'clock. Only December 13, 2010 the day of the transfer market for the used car business to break through more than 2,000 units, a record high. While in previous years by the end of the peak are used car trade, but recently the number of transactions and models from the view, the number of 20% over last year, turnover of the low-cost models increased sharply. Congestion, which is Beijing's chronic illness, frequent policy of this government, invested heavily, but the public still will "block the city," the labels on the Beijing head. Before "does not restrict ownership, but to guide the rational use of" official in Beijing has been whether to limit the number of motor vehicles the mainstream position. However, the number of motor vehicles in Beijing is at an unprecedented rate increases, congestion will be over the limit. The face of increasingly severe congestion, the Beijing government blocked the New Deal only brewing, more hard-line program is being introduced. Management of traffic congestion in Beijing last week officially announced comprehensive measures, Beijing will clear the future growth of rational regulation of passenger cars, if necessary, to implement key sections of the peak line of odd-even rule, choose the congestion charge fees measures. Prior to the disclosure of the most severe "congestion fee" and "restriction order" and other measures did not appear. Jiang Wenhui that the current plan is to test the opinion of moderate to achieve a smooth introduction of the program. Blocking solution before the Beijing Zhi established municipal staff said that these measures are Beijing Zhi blocking the first version of the program, a preliminary version of expert advice, for all aspects into account, not ultimately determine many of the measures implemented. Whether "congestion fee" and "restriction order" and other measures will eventually be added to the Beijing government blocked the program, but it can be seen from the current market performance of the people of these rumors have had an impact on consumer psychology, Beijing, local consumers are ready to advance or have purchased the vehicle, driving a new car and used car market broke out. The face of hard to find a car new car market situation for the implementation of the policy in time for the next year before the car, many consumers are unwilling to wait, have put into the package will look second-hand car license transfer. Jiang Wenhui, general manager of the Chinese city of second-hand car that, if the restrictions according to rumors in the total number of weakness will certainly be difficult to maintain the livelihood of distributors, and for the entire industry, it is shrinking auto market panic, a direct impact on the Beijing Economic and growth. Therefore, the placement of dealers, to maintain economic growth is necessary to consider the issue.
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