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Close and FAW - Volkswagen used car production plant preservation rate Secret
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Huaxiang in Beijing, second-hand car market, a charge of a vehicle brand marketing consultants are trying to sell the work, and he wanted to focus a potential buyer as soon as possible transferred to the Proton vehicle he was responsible for the brand. The sales consultant and did not succeed, it is clear that he was faced with a very sophisticated buyers, even though Sagitar models the same level compared to the slightly more expensive brand a lot. We note that most second-hand car market in China, FAW - Volkswagen as the representative of the German Department of products has always been tight, but also higher than the actual transaction with the age of the vehicle a large portion of the other brands. However, the experienced people in the industry will still adhere to the recommendation, "A few years later, the German car preservation rate is still high." We can not help but ask, in the end is what determines the FAW-Volkswagen Volkswagen brand products in high preservation rate? With this question I deliberately participated in by the FAW - Volkswagen organization's "factory tours" to the FAW - Volkswagen production line to find out. Manufacturing technology to bring superior quality The factory tours in the FAW - Volkswagen car production plant at the second. As put into use in 2004, FAW - Volkswagen Car Plant, the area of 66 square meters, total construction area of 35 square meters, up 12.3 billion yuan investment, the history of the Volkswagen Group is definitely the largest overseas investment project one. Car Plant by the stamping, welding, painting, assembly and four workshops constitute, CC, Magotan, Sagitar, Golf, Jetta and other vehicle models are produced here, although the design capacity of 330,000, but according to the current 64 second production chain speed calculation, FAW-Volkswagen Car Plant's actual annual production has long exceeded that amount. According to insiders, FAW - Volkswagen Car Plant is today the country and the world's most advanced car production bases. As Asia's most modern press shop, press shop Plant complete with the world's leading equipment and excellent quality control to the author left a deep impression. Manipulator by the SpeedBar speed, KUKA robot axis unstacking, washing machine oiler, VMT camera system for advanced equipment in the composition of the production line so that the presence of the author and the owner of an eye-opener. 6 sets of Müller Weingarten from the upper and lower air structure with a mechanical press production line composed of Müller Weingarten fully automatic operation, the whole line can realize continuous stroke 8 to 13 times per minute. Height of the mold parts to meet different requirements SpeedBar placed by high-speed robotic electronic cam switch control, accurate high-speed press runs in two adjacent rooms, place the part accurately. Program control, KUKA robot will stack of sheet material from the car and placed in the beat picked up the belt. Around the robot can move between the two material stack, so the result will not stop the feeding station, to ensure the continuity of the entire automated production line. A full set of advanced equipment, all of the production automation and closed mode of operation, improve the quality control process to achieve a leading application of technology, but also a real insight to the author of the FAW - Volkswagen superior technological level. We know that the press shop is a car factory in the first process. The welding workshop is a four vehicle manufacturing processes (stamping, welding, painting, assembly) in the second part, by welding, lamination, assembly, complete the BIW manufacturing process. In the welding shop, in the presence of visitors insight into the leading laser welding. As you know, laser welding spot welding process than the traditional point of connection, strength can be increased by 30%, and the laser beam micro welding speed, weld width of only about 1.5-2.0 mm, plates connected by melting together, almost does not affect other parts of the stiffness significantly to ensure that the vehicle, body welding size and appearance. In addition, laser welding is in the manufacture of lightweight cars played a facilitating role. According to the personnel, the domestic car companies using laser welding technology, only 2 ~ 3, while the FAW - Volkswagen largest investment in this area, the longest laser welding. BIW is currently Sagitar model a total length of the laser weld 32.6m, MAGOTAN vehicle body in white laser weld length is up to 42.8m, while the current golf hot models, although the hatchback products, but the total laser welding length to 38.4 meters. All along, the FAW - Volkswagen's painting process is also highly regarded, not only the hardness of the high finish, but after years of use reached a high level of maintaining new as ever, which also form the FAW - Volkswagen used car models with high hedge rate of important reasons. It is understood the FAW - Volkswagen is equipped with a highly efficient automated painting equipment, vehicle identification data carrier by using the multi-layer coating system, and implementation of high coating quality standards. From the pre-primer, electrophoresis, to the PVC sealant, in the coating, to the background color spray paint, varnish, decorative wire, many careful process, the operation of all machinery automation, bringing superior quality level. In addition, FAW - Volkswagen famous wax cavity irrigation technology is used to bring long-term guarantee. 120 ℃ excessive corrosion wax to auto body cavity perfusion, in its top covered with a dense layer of wax film to enhance the corrosion resistance and service life of the car. To the assembly shop, I saw the degree of automation and intelligence to an unprecedented level of production lines. The whole assembly line with "EHB + + mobile cargo box skid car" means the assembly of components, assembly workers and robots to do his duty, complete understanding of each assembly. According to reports, this "skid car + mobile cargo box" way of saving the assembly area of the entire assembly line and space, and reduce labor intensity of assembly, we can achieve a total line of different models of flexible production. Meanwhile, the FAW - Volkswagen total component power line also uses advanced equipment and efficient automated robotic car, put together a modular docking procedure, all the components of the vehicle location of the assembly in accordance with established to ensure that the chassis, body and other parts of the consistent. According to reports, this is also one of the world's most advanced assembly line. Because quality is an important component product competitiveness, quality inspection area as an important part of the assembly shop, strictly control the quality of manufactured products. Such as the road test, the total length of 1,200 meters of runway 10 different simulated road conditions to different conditions in a full range of vehicle performance and noise testing. For vehicles under seal test is to make effort. Rain between the four regions of the seal not only check the process, but also the use of laser measuring car at the entrance length, the internal rain, wiping and drying device with the shape control, to ensure the vehicle cleaning, sealing foolproof. Through the workshop to visit, I also have significant experience in the production process to use high-tech advantage, of course, the leading equipment, technology, technology is bound to bring FAW - Volkswagen VW brand products superior quality. Recall the second-hand car market Huaxiang Beijing scene, the author has been part of the answer to heart. Creating high quality and strict inspection system By visiting, I also had a profound experience of almost demanding FAW - Volkswagen quality assurance system. When the welding workshop, I discovered some new parts are deemed to have failed, inexorably into the abandoned areas; in the assembly shop of the "Ao Dite review" site, just driving a new car under the equipment line, delicate body of the vehicle was marked by a white circle of several sizes. I approached carefully observed and did not find any flaws, but according to FAW - Volkswagen warranty inform the relevant personnel department, from the perspective of the user may not see it, but standing in a senior professional point of view, any small flaws can not escape quality assurance personnel had "piercing eyes." Has long been known as a quality assurance system in the industry, "Ao Dite review" of the professional and demanding more to the author left a deep impression. According to reports, "Ao Dite assessment" is the quality control of the company insisted the public for many years one of the features, uniform standards according to the German public to the users than even the most discerning eye demanding the production of vehicles on the rate review and assessment found problems in the Section and the relevant feedback to the person responsible for the quality, timely adjustment and optimization. To realize "the quality control in every process of." It is also a measure of manufacturing quality of each workshop an important part of the body, and its score is the level of each workshop an important indicator of quality control. Inspectors carried out every day commenting on the quality of analysis, they will all parts of the vehicle production line were randomly selected vehicles, and on the elimination of quality defects to develop measures and to implement to the head, the next process to prevent defects in the flow, which to continuously improve product quality. Exports in the welding shop, assembly shop and acceptance of export and export vehicle are equipped with this review, almost all over each link. In the strict quality assurance system based on the FAW - Volkswagen is continuing the implementation of continuous improvement KVP2 activities and full quality control loop, so that each production workers have become inspectors. In addition, the entrance from the purchase of raw materials to production processes and warehousing, from product development, testing, to production, testing, logistics, sales, in every detail, FAW - Volkswagen both the harsh and strict auditing standards, strict quality control, protection of the hands of every sale to the user's FAW - Volkswagen products have high quality products. With superior quality, ultra-high quality and leading technology, FAW - Volkswagen Volkswagen brand has become synonymous with high quality cars, not only on the highly sought after in the new car market, even in second-hand car market is hot. To "motor racing evergreen" Jetta, for example, China has nearly 20 years aspect of "God car" Jetta Santana than the same age, the price should be higher than the 1 million Beverly above high preservation rate. There are even many consumers go specifically to look for used-car market during the period 2004-2005 the production of Jetta.
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