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Liaoning men in the Airport Road to buy a used car way back in the traffic poli
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Drove his newly bought second-hand cars in Harbin, Liaoning, Zhang Dongxi Zizi went home. But when he was passing through highway, but was stopped by the police in Jilin Province. "I'm sorry, the search engines changed the car number, is smuggling of vehicles, is also suspected of robbery, are to be detained." Zhang Dong Meng suddenly, "I have contract for the sale, I have transfer procedures, I have people selling cars guarantee, how can a problem with this car? " June 31, Dong Zhang from Liaoning came to Harbin, second-hand automobile market in the Airport Road off the price of 5 million from the Xing -hand bought a used car, not only signed a contract for the sale, handle the transfer procedures, Zhang Xing-Dong also allowed to write a supplementary agreement. Agreement: Li Xing real and effective procedures to ensure that the car, not a set of cards and a certificate for two car, engine and frame number must be consistent with the file (no changes sign), to ensure the car without any economic disputes, robbery and traffic disputes, any discrepancy between the behavior of Li Xing full responsibility, to return vehicle, Zhang Dong guarantee to pay compensations for all economic losses. May in the Zhang Dong on her way home but was told the police car was smuggled cars, Jilin, has also alleged robbery. Xing-Dong Zhang angry to find, request a refund for cars, but Xing-argued myself from other people bought this car, all the formalities are provided by the original owner, he had to wait for the original owners of the money back to him before to Zhang Dong refund. In desperation, Xing-Dong Zhang 一纸诉状将 Hashi told to hang District People's Court. 24, the Court of First Instance ruling Xing-Dong Zhang returned 50,000 car models, and 1,000 yuan compensation for economic losses Zhang Dong.
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