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Auction + replacement - by the end of second-hand car market more than hot
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Hot auto show car driven people desire, the recent overall trading volume used-car market also maintained a high growth. Recently, car service centers in 1039, "Beijing Traffic Radio 1039 used car auction" for the first time shot. From the price point of view, the auction model from 1 million to 70 million range, up to nearly the number of vehicles. From the brand perspective, the market covers most brands and models, ranging from Santana, Jetta, Citroen, Xiali this old model, there are Regal, Passat, BORA, POLO, Santana 3000, etc. "quasi-new car", as well as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and other high-end brands to provide consumers with a wealth of choice and reference, adapted to the different levels of consumer groups. The end of the auction, rest assured that many customers buy the benefits of second-hand car. This activity reached a 90% turnover rate, total amount of 11 million yuan trading. And near the end of the occasion, Beijing's largest used-car market - Beijing old motor vehicle market will also be jointly Beijing Market Association - Automobile Dealers branch to carry out "in Beijing from 2006 to 2007, the first automotive replacement section." It is reported that this exhibition is expected to have Mercedes-Benz dealer, BMW, Audi, Land Rover, Porsche, Maserati and domestic production of the well-known brands. Replacement of old cars during the event trade customers and buying a new car users will enjoy the value discount and gifts. In recent years, second-hand car getting hot, especially the turn of the year is the peak of one car. Many brokerage firms have stepped up old vehicle inventory efforts, the overall purchase price of used cars rose, Jetta price of 800 yuan, 7,000 yuan price of Audi, Mercedes-Benz prices 1 million yuan, Passat, Jetta prices relatively stable. With the approaching end of the year and the car used in the Beijing area OBD policy, many are beginning to stock new car prices, used car prices accordingly there will be some pressure on prices inflated the situation should be alleviated.
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