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Yangzhou second-hand car transactions will have quality
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Yesterday, reporters learned, the city government office recently issued a "second-hand car market on further promoting the normal development of opinions", not only a clear specification of the used car market and business conduct of operations, but also on the used car market in the future development of the city and layout planning .

Yangzhou regulate second-hand car market

Currently, the city a total of nine second-hand car market. "Opinions" required in the future in the city where the newly established second-hand automobile market and second-hand automobile distributing enterprise shall comply with city development and business development planning requirements, in principle, the city's vehicle population, or 50,000 for each additional each additional second-hand car trading scheme 8000 or more, you can add a new second-hand car market. The nature of new land area of the market the market less than 10,000 square meters, should be established trading range trading floor and vehicle display, and a fixed place of business trading floor area of not less than 800 square meters, the vehicle display site area of not less than 5,000 square meters; must build a fire, security information collection and other security information systems.

ID cards second-hand vehicles, light trading

Municipal Public Security Bureau used car trade regulatory personnel, operators of the future acquisition of used cars used cars, public security organs must be uniform in size to fill out the registration form information and the seller sold the vehicle information. Parties to the transaction, must depend on valid documents such as identity cards for real-name registration, trading second-hand cars must be strict physical registration. Requirements of the owners of errant trading a few million fine imposed in serious cases will be investigated for legal responsibility.

Second-hand vehicles will also be a "quality assurance"

"Opinions" to strengthen the flow of second-hand car trading contracts and information management, transaction business sector should be used to develop a unified second-hand car trading contract and the contract of sale to the buyer's commitment to appropriate quality assurance and service contents of the text without the use of contract and direct the transaction, shall not handle the transfer of registration and issuance of licenses and other relevant procedures.

City motor vehicle market leader Yuan Bangxiang introduced around consumers most concerned about "quality", they have launched a credit management demonstration activities to create the first batch of six pilot launch of second-hand car dealers "quality assurance" activities, learn new car "Two years thirty thousand kilometers," the quality and commitment to the implementation of the distribution of used cars, "ten thousand kilometers for three months" warranty. If consumers buy used cars, driving in three months or ten thousand kilometers in the quality problem, the distributor will be held accountable.

Yuan Bangxiang a motor vehicle issued to reporters transaction contract, the contract stated in the vehicle in addition to the brand, the brand time, examined the insurance date, mileage and other information, but also indicate there is no vehicle accidents occurred in the status quo. If consumers find the purchase of second-hand car is a car accident, but the contract has not been specified, consumers can return by car contract damages, the consumer market will be Xianxingpeifu unconditionally.

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